Addy was a Fire Elemental that burned down Harknest. She is indirectly responsible for the creation of The Swordsmen.

Appearance Edit

Addy had red hair and green eyes. She wore a black shirt and a red skirt.

Personality Edit

Addy was stubborn and inattentive, and would have fits of rage occasionally.

Abilities Edit

Addy only ever created flames, she used this ability in the form of a flamethrower.

Skills Edit

Addy was not very good at many things.

History Edit

Addy lived a fairly normal life, until the day where she inherited her fire powers from her uncle. She was in Harknest at the time and something caused her to snap, her powers awoke and she burned the whole town down.

Trivia Edit

  • Addy regrets what she did, and has often told fire elementals that they shouldn't end up like her.
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