Alicia is the cousin of Dark Harss and was the leader of The Swordsmen before she was killed by an assassin hired by Hark.

Appearance Edit

Alicia is a tall female with white long hair tied in a low ponytail. She has blue eyes and pale skin. She wears white Formal Swordsmen wear, which consists of a white coat and light-blue marks with a gray border and black dress pants with black dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Protective: Alicia is a very protective person, mainly to those who she leads on a hunt, not wanting them to die, and, of course, Dark, her younger cousin.

Forgiving: Alicia is known as the forgiving Swordsmen, as she is shown to be very forgiving of others actions. Some example of this is when Zoe Acker had taught Dark how to pickpocket and Alicia had found out, she didn't report Zoe and get her kicked out of the Swordsmen. This, however, doesn't carry over to her targets.

Formal: Alicia is known to be very formal, always using formal etiquette and demanding that if she is asked to meet with a Swordsmen that they wear their formal wear and not casual clothing.

Cold: Despite being forgiving, Alicia can be cold at times, especially to people who have left a negative impression on her, like the Elementals when they attacked her after she hid from them in a tree.

Skills Edit

Swordsmanship Edit

Alicia is an expert sword user, trained by her father, Ivan, who was trained by Rebecca Harss through his dreams.

Strategy Edit

Alicia is an expert strategist, able to successfully take out Mages and Elementals through tactical cunning rather than through strength. She is said to have almost reached the level of Sapphire Harss in tactical cunning, though she isn't anywhere close to the best strategist in the Swordsmen.



Being able to jump far, keep balance, and do flips, Alicia is quite the acrobat. She mostly uses this skill for evasion, like when she first ran into the Elementals and they opened fire on her.


Alicia is a fast individual. Though not as fast as Dark, she was able to match him due to her superior stamina, being able to run greater distances than him simply due to being able to continue going compared to Dark running his stamina out quickly.

Weaknesses Edit


Weapons Edit


Her sword, Disenchanted, is a custom rapier owned by her grandfather. She received it after her father's death. It was originally owned and named by Connor Harss I, and was refitted by Ivan when he received the sword. The rapier originally had a black grip, but the grip was changed by Ivan when he refit the weapon to better suit him.


Trivia Edit

  • Alicia is left handed.
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