The Altheia family are a merchant clan with a long history in Harknest.

History Edit

The Altheia house was founded by an Earth Elemental named Derrick Jordan, who adopted the name Derrick Altheia after falling out with his family. He chose to settle in Harknest, and set about building a life for himself there. He hid his powers, afraid of what The Swordsmen would do to him should they find out about him. A few years after he settled in, the sword he took with him, Fragarach, was stolen from him in a bandit raid. He later obtained Mistilteinn, which has been passed down ever since.

Members Edit

Henry Altheia Edit

Henry is the elderly patriarch of the Altheia household. The former proprietor of the Altheia's merchant dealings, he has since passed on the reins of the business to his daughter-in-law Hannah.

Jacob Altheia Edit


Samuel Altheia Edit

Samuel is Jacob's father, and is currently missing. He departed several years prior to seek out the sword Fragarach, but never returned.

Remus Altheia Edit

Remus is the younger brother of Samuel. He was killed in a bandit raid on the way to Ironberg.

Katherine Altheia Edit

Katherine is Henry's wife, and is the matriarch of the family. She spends most of her days cooking, but is not afraid to get her hands dirty should the need arise.

Hannah Altheia/Marcos Edit

Hannah is Jacob's mother, and is the proprietor of a small general store is the southern part of Harknest.

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