“Time’s told me all about it.”
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~ Tҩϰ arrived for a reading in the midst of war.


I was visited by Hπŧ. We discussed Ilos.
~ She was red this time. Took after mother.


Tҩϰ arrived today. (v 13.5.12) Three paths diverged.
~ He won. The s collected. All was well.
~ Nπ won. The s went rogue. This lead to their doom.
~ Nπ won. The s went rogue. They collected later under the leader, Isabella.
I only gave Tҩϰ the first two possibilities. Isabella was not feline nor human. I am interested in what may happen if this timeline proves correct.


I read for the coming year.
~ More war.
~ Peace through slaughter. I died. Alice took my place.
~ Fire spilled from the earth, killing thousands
All things told, the first outcome will cause the least damage.

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