Barkson is a small village where Falaos Johnathon lived for most of his life.

The residents of the village are mainly anthros, only one human lives there.

History Edit

Founding Edit

Barkson was founded around the time of the anthros enslavement. It was built in a secluded forest so that the residents could hide from any slavers. As anthro enslavement began to become less common, Barkson began to open up trade routes with nearby towns.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Clare Johnathon
  • Maya Johnathon
  • Buck Johnathon
  • Nate Hyde

Locations Edit

Various locations inside or near Barkson.

Wooded Inn Edit

A small inn is located near the entrance of the village.

Barkson Forest Edit

A large forest surrounds the village.

Mt. Keelmor Edit

A large mountain is right next to the village. Ancient ruins can be found near the top, but no one is allowed near them for unknown reasons.

Barkson Graveyard Edit

A graveyard was built near the village. It's where Maya Johnathon is buried.

Noend Cavern Edit

A large cavern is located inside Mt. Keelmor.

Cultist Hideout Edit

There's a Cult of Berko hideout located in Noend Cavern.

Forest Trail Edit

There is a trail that goes through the forest. It is connected to Haysvales.

Snowpoint Trail Edit

There's a long trail north of the village that once connected Barkson to Snowpoint.