• TheMidnightBlade

    Who here still exists?

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    A really long convo me and Jaz though would be best if made into a blog.

    Oda watched as the tiger walked away. As soon as he was gone, they pulled out their notes from earlier that night, and began to analyze them, scribbling down more notes on some loose parchment.

    A short white mouse anthro walked up to Oda’s table, grabbing the top of the chair with his right hand. “May I?”

    Oda raised their eyes from their notes, and gave the rodent a quick once-over. They slid the notes into a neat stack, and but it into a leather pouch that hung at their side. “Of course. How can I help you?”

    “I have a contract you may be interested in,” the mouse anthro says, moving the chair for him to sit in it. He put his elbows onto the table and bridged his fingers,…

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    I was bored

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    A potential future in that could happen after the defeat of Agatha.

    Dark with his wife (Jura Anderson) and his daughter (Eva Harss). Eva's not really a dressy gal as you can hopefully tell by the hat she's wearin.

    And then two pics of Dark's hair cause he grows it out a lot

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  • Sp3ctr3EX

    Last time we left off, Fapaos ran away like a pussy because Xil denied him the love he wanted, that and Max was totes better. Mira found about the sexy tigers betrayal with foxboi and kicked Xil in the balls so hard that he flew to the forest. Sarah lost her virgi- I mean innocence and Raole did shit like usual.

    • Falaos runs through the forest crying like a wimp*

    Falaos: "How could this happen to me..." All of a sudden he is crushed by a rock and dies because nobody gave a damn about him, not even zed. RIP Falaos at least hes with Max now touching weiners.


    Xil: "Oh my feline gods, where am I? I got kicked in the nuts so hard I ended up here, what a woman! Gasp! A rock with tomato sauce under it!"

    • Xil starts licking the tomato sauce* …

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    I got bored in school today and wrote some dumb shit that may pop up in Harknest as just some background stuff. It's some conspiracy theory columns in a trashy tabloid in Harknest called The Corbeau.

    Weeks ago, Connor Harss, Death Elemental and Leader of the Swordsmen, shot himself in the head with a flintlock pistol in his study at Harss Manor. Leadership then passed onto his daughter, Juliet Harss, who has since gone out on her own and hasn’t returned. This behavior is most unusual for a Swordsmen Leader, but a murderer?

    An anonymous source reports that Juliet Harss was in the room when the alleged suicide occurred. Suspicious, isn’t it? The source also reports that Juliet left the room after Connor’s life had ended looking calm, as if noth…

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    This is something fun I thought of comparing the Elementals (and max/falaos too) to who they'd likely be as Operators.

    Wisp: Bandit. I was thinking Ying, but Bandit is directly about electricity, unlike Ying who is more of a flashbang user.

    Falaos: Ash. Falaos seems kinda light and hard to hit, much like Ash is. And his fireballs compare to Ash's Breaching Rounds, except likely less explody.

    Fionn: Doc. Come on. The only healing operator? I had to give it to Life.

    Adrear: Six. Yes, I know Six isn't an operator, but they're both the kinda "main good guy" or so you would believe but may or may not be true who knows. Because Adrear's element is a little fishy, and Six is played by Angela Bassett. And she bloody scares me.

    Sub: Castle. Alternativel…

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    Yeah, uhh, hmm. Good idea to tell people when you need some time in real life to do stuff. Also same for internet stuff.

    So, am I alright? Simple answer: What do you think? I'm in uni!

    Okay, seriously, I just disappeared because of a few things, but yes, I'm perfectly fine.

    Reason 1: University. Or college. Or, I dunno, whatever you want to call it, you could call it "England is my city" for all I care. 

    Reason 2: I'm applying for a part time job again. Yeah, turns out when you move states, things tend to be a little harder. Oh... right. That too. But, I should have one pretty soon.

    Reason 3: The FNaF RP Wiki. Yes, I still go there. Why, you may ask? Because quite simply, I'm a mod on the Discord and admin for the Wiki itself. Admittedly, it's …

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  • Bed head zed

    The day has finally come.

    I'm really losing interest in the RP, well interest in actually RPing. I'll stick around to see where it goes, but I won't be participating in it anymore.

    Goodbye Falaos, I never actually liked you and have been plotting your demise ever since I realized I sucked at RPing.

    I was thinking about putting a little segment here about what my characters would've done if I had continued to RP, but naaaaaaaaaah.

    Anyways, maybe Falaos will decide to leave the group since Max left and get rocked? Or maybe he had a really bad dream and died in his sleep and that's why he's not waking up.

    Who knows.

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  • Bed head zed

    Cause I was bored.

    (Note: Characters that have not been introduced yet have been replaced with non elementals.)


    Falaos acts like a complete badass and kills Agatha and Sub in a fight.

    Hrr'Ta murders Adrear.

    Ivan dislikes his descendant and stabs Momo.

    "Fionn grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty."

    Poor Fionn. :(

    Xil and Zachary are gonna go fishing apparently.

    Everyone else ran away like a bish.

    DAY 1:

    Zachary scares Raole away cause Raole's a bish.

    Ivan mercilessly chases Katie.

    Hugh is lazy and tries to sleep through the day.

    Falaos and Tina work together making Fana a thing.

    Dark sprains his ankle while running from Fionn, such a savage woof.

    NIGHT 1:

    "Falaos fends Hugh, Zachary, and Dark away from his fire."

    Nobody touches my precio…

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    I am seventeen.

    I expect you all to have gotten me presents.

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    BEFORE YOU READ: This blog is a parody of cinemasins. Everything said in here is for laughs and giggles and should not be taken seriously.

    The thing being sinned is Part I/Archive.

    “Finally, the force that was somehow pulling her had stopped.”

    Ah yes, mysterious forces. The best way for a story to get all the important characters in one place! *ding*

    ”"Okay... Anybody here?" she called out.”

    Mira expects there to be people in a random forest clearing. *ding*

    ”"Oh, come on. I didn't just walk ten miles for nothing, did I?"”

    Why would you walk ten miles to a random forest clearing?! Oh, right, mysterious force. *ding*

    ”"Ah!" Mira hissed, jumping up and whirling around. "Who are you!?"” ”"Why would I care about that?" Mira snapped.”

    Mira asks Hutch who…
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  • JazCode

    Some Interesting DS Facts

    August 18, 2017 by JazCode

    The following facts are true about DS, but don't really have a place on any pages quite yet. This list will build over time.

    Manors are big houses! Yay! Manors are such big houses that they need multiple servants to take care of them.

    Servants fall into two categories: paid and unpaid; maids, and slaves.

    "Maid" is a gender-neutral term to describe a paid housekeeper. They do things like cooking, cleaning, gardening, repairs, sewing, nursery work, and other neat stuff like that.

    A Butler (also a gender neutral term) is at the top of the maid pecking order, and basically organizes all the other maids (and slaves if there are any).

    A manor usually has anywhere from 5-30 servants of various descriptions running about.

    Usually you get one butler for …

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  • Sp3ctr3EX
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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    BEFORE YOU READ: This blog is a parody of cinemasins. Everything said in here is for laughs and giggles and should not be taken seriously. If you haven’t, please read the Prologue before reading this.

    “None of the group of twelve travelers asked where she had gotten it from, or how it worked, for they already knew she was not allowed to answer.”

    So, you’re telling me that no one from the group has asked about the watch? That’s kind of hard to believe, unless she told everyone as soon as they joined up with the group “Hey, you know this thing that you’ve most likely never seen something like before? Yeah, don’t ask about it, thanks!” *ding*
    Also, why isn’t she allowed to answer? It’s not like she’ll be punished for telling anyone! *ding*

    “Only …

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  • Rakgnarok

    Wolf it ↑

    June 25, 2017 by Rakgnarok

    Hey guys!

    So, I was checking the RP and I was thinking on what excuse could Fionn use for his servantile behaviour if asked again and i happened to recall a conversation between Fionn and Ajax Dratter in which Ajax mentions Fionn isn't a Beta or Alpha wolf and I just began to wonder what Ranking would Fionn be assigned to in wolf terminology. While I did recall the terminology of "Omega" wolves I did not recall what it exactly implied so I did a little research and here's what I got: 

    Alpha wolves are basically the leaders, they get to eat first and they get to couple with the best mate, another alpha wolf of the opposite gender, a n alpha's job is to make sure the rest of the pack respects them through constant displays of endurance and dom…

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  • Toreadorfreddy

    New Character

    May 31, 2017 by Toreadorfreddy

    I got your message, and as I said, I've made a new character. You might recognise him.

    Name: Jacob Altheia

    Age: 19

    Sex and Gender: Male

    Appearance: Jacob is about 5'6 with mid-length brown hair and hazel eyes. He is in generally good shape due to helping out in his family's shop for a good portion of his life. He normally wears casual clothes, but will wear whatever a situation requires. He is generally described as having a thoughtful expression.

    Personality in five traits: Composed, slow to anger, friendly, helpful, inexperienced

    Element: Earth

    Family: Isaiah Altheia(Younger brother), Hanna Altheia/Marcos(Mother), Samuel Altheia(Father), Henry Altheia(Grandfather), Katherine altheia(Grandmother), Remus Altheia(Uncle), Helga Order(Ancestor)

    Two s…

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    This is just a fun little enemy I came up with for DS. Obviously, he's not meant to be canon in the slightest, nor is this really supposed to be taken too seriously. This ain't supposed to be used lmao

    There was a warrior, an evil man with many kills under his belt. However, as he grew older, he realized he might not ever be able to fight again. Thus, he turned to a witch who offered him this:

    "You may live forever, as long as you kill while doing so!"

    How could he say no? Little did he know, he was going to make the worst deal ever.

    The witch conjured up some unknown, supernatural energy, gently swirled it around... then grabbed him and branded his face with it. The warrior screamed in agony as he felt the energy take him over, and soon, he f…

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    Just decided to put together an album of all the official Dark pics that have been made over the year and couple months I've been in the rp.

    Some people have already seen this but meh.

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    (So, with Jaz' s closure on Max and Alexis, I figured I would write this, and tell you what I think would happen. Of course, you are free to believe whatever happened in your mind, and maybe something might be canon or not. Who knows?

    Enough rambling, here it is.)

    It was a warm morning, a great day to be alive and outside. To enjoy life as it was, considering it could end at eny moment. Out in the woods, lived a brother and sister, who decided to make their life out in the quiet, where they could have some peace to themselves. Make things right. They had built a house using the environment around them, a nice little cabin in the woods. It had everything they needed. Beds, a stove, a river within walking distance. It was a good, if lonely, pl…

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    So, I don't really know what I'm really doing here right now.

    I'm just kinda empty space that someone else could be using. I don't contribute much to RP, nor do I really have the interest.

    So, here goes.

    I'm likely leaving the RP, and from the looks of things concerning roles, for good.

    It's been great while it lasted, but this honestly just doesn't suit me anymore.

    I just kinda feel like when I DO post, it's not enough, and of course, that's even IF I post.

    I, of course, am available on the FNAF RP wiki, if you actually use that site.

    More likely, I'm gonna be available on Discord, as diddles#0647.

    If you use Skype, I'm gonna be Meme King. The one with the Lucoa giving a thumbs up with shades. My status should be "blyat" also.

    Peace out, and see y…

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    basically, i disappeared for a while

    i had some stuff going on (and still kinda do) so lemme give a quick rundown:

    • finals
    • a physical health issue that is thankfully fixed and hopefully never happens again
    • a thing that's not necessarily personal for both people involved but is kinda private anyway
    • a vacation after finals to san francisco for two weeks (actually im still here, it's pretty damn nice)

    so yeah, sorry for that

    i'll be back in about nine days from SF, i might do some things or not

    i'll also try to be in chat more often, so yeah

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  • Bed head zed

    Quick question

    May 3, 2017 by Bed head zed

    Which character of mine do you think is the best??

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  • TheMidnightBlade


    Basically the literatal definition of drugs

    AYFFR I'm gonna write a long ass message about what you just said, and here's the catch; I'M ALWAYS RIGHT

    Always right? Always right.

    The More Important Blade I'll do what AYFFR does without letting you know who actually won the arguement






    One word replies. Oh, and this.


    I have absolutely no complaints.


    Sp3c (I can't link to you profile right now because a. I'm typing this without internet and b. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL YOUR USERNAME)

    Has been bunny longer…

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    These are my reviews for each character. Just so you know, I’ll be taking into account how they act inrp as well, but will basically only mention stuff based on their pages.

    ‘’That One Guy Who Everyone Feels Like Was There but Wasn’t.’’

    A pacifist Fox anthro who will harm people if he gets super mad. Despite his pacifism, he was the first to draw a weapon when spotting Alicia. :3

    How is knowing how to use a spear a weakness? (I figure this is a mistake but pointing it out cause why not?)

    Falaos believes Alicia attacked them when it was the other way around.

    Hates his guts is on the same level as go to hell, huh? Learn something new everyday I guess.



    ‘’The Cliche Good Guy Who Turns Out to be Bad’’

    Raole should really see…

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  • Donotdiddlekids


    April 20, 2017 by Donotdiddlekids





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  • TheMidnightBlade


    April 12, 2017 by TheMidnightBlade

    Go Here

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    Okay, so, I was thinking. Instead of doing another User Rant (because let's face it, it'd be the same shit with me complaining about Toreador again) why not do a OC rant instead? basically, I'd talk about each RPers main character (so, for instance, I'd talk about Fionn but NOT Xil). Anyway, what you guys think?

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    oh boy

    April 4, 2017 by Donotdiddlekids
    • doesn't remember the month anymore*

    "wait what the fuck"

    • looks, 16 days from my birthday*

    "oh shit"

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    So, there I was, watching some Noragami, when I realized...

    They have a nice coloring style in the intro!

    So, I decided to try out their coloring style for myself on that one pic of Dark I drew a while ago.

    Yeah yeah, it's a bit big cause I scanned it with my printer and shiz (also, that's a copy of that pic that I colored, not the original (cause if I mess up then the original is ruined), thus why some parts look like it's been printed)

    Basically, Noragami's style of coloring in the opening of an episode is that the character is basically black and white except for their eyes and their signature color on their clothes, thus Dark's eyes are colored and everything that is blue is colored.

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  • Donotdiddlekids





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  • Merebry

    If anyone want to be a part of memeberry's crappy discord server, you can join in the link below

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  • Mr.Cowhat77

    So...its been like what, weeks, months since I've said anything official on here?

    Jesus, I really am a lazy twat.

    Anyways, I have some things to say, as well as an update to make.

    First off, yes, as some of you are thinking, I have decided to leave this wiki. Maybe even all of wikia because of the shit that it's gonna go through. And knowing that this place, and many others will just fall apart and become forgotten because of this update is another thing.

    I wanna make it clear, I don't hate this place at all. It's one of the most creative places ever. The fact that someone I knew almost two years ago went on to make this amazing place, and kept it going for this long is mind boggling. And with such a huge fan base full of grand ol' people is a…

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    Since we're all doing blogs for shiz now, here's an update:

    • I do the science fair things in a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty prepared for that, and totally not stressed since it's already a success in my eyes, and literally nothing can make it a failure to me now.
    • The stressful drama thing no longer plagues me either. We went to the competition, and got a few awards, but didn't move on to the next level so we're freeee!
    • Things are running smoothly with wikistuffs.
    • Schoolwork's either going to be easy af or it's going to hit me like a brick wall today when I return from March break.
    • Still haven't gotten the energy to work on art requests, but hopefully soon.
    • Finally moving my computer to a better spot in the house for me today! :D
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  • Donotdiddlekids

    i'll do one of three things, save up for a capture card and mic so i can make commentary videos on how leafy is an actual leaf

    i can go write a stupid fan fiction on DS and have it turn out so bad it's hilarious

    or go write an actual fan fic of two series that i think would go together which half of you probably don't know one, and the other you vaguely remember because of an annoying robot, loot, and very overpowered skills- but those two are a secret

    what should i go do

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    so uhh

    March 14, 2017 by Donotdiddlekids

    there's a good and bad side to this post.


    still stressed

    it's only getting worse

    i've vomited from stress about 9 times and i'm sure that's not healthy at all pretty much

    spring break is next week instead of now


    spring break

    girlfren and me shall chill

    thursday i get to go work at concessions again and also i get to during spring break

    it doesn't sound good but it's actually kinda fun and also i'm gonna make bank off it

    yeah so uhh hopefully i make it to thursday :')

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  • TheMidnightBlade


    March 13, 2017 by TheMidnightBlade

    Not a knock off of Blade's post; in this, I will ask you all for help with two things.

    1. My profile; it looks shitty. Does anybody know how to make:

    red = black, and

    blue = red?

    I mean seriously.

    Doesn't look all that good to me. Kinda stupid, actually. I've picked at the code but I can't seem to figure it out.

    Also, regarding this shit;

    Google disabled the music thing. Why Google? It worked just fine the way it is.

    Does anyone know if a replacement exists, or will people have to simply (god forbid) open my music in a new tab?



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  • TheMidnightBlade

    Basically, I just felt like posting this.

    'Aight, here we go.

    No wrong answers, and this time it's anonymous to prevent hostility or anything of the sort.

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    Whoo, two blogs in less than 2 hours.

    Jaz is currently having security certificate issues which aren't allowing her to come onto mainspace wikia, meaning she can only access chat and nothing else.

    She doesn't know when she will be able to get back. Maybe days, weeks, months, who knows. Hopefully, it won't be that long, though.

    Til the problem is fixed, I will be in control of the carriages and will be keeping parts up, so don't be surprised if instead of Jaz posting the next part it's me. Hopefully, she'll be back by the time this part closes, but just informing you.

    That's all.

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    So, I was sitting here in Science, bored, and I started drawing random lines, and then I was like "I should make the Swordsmen letters!" and so I am.

    And then I was like "How can I make a font?" and I looked it up and it looked simple enough.

    SO yeah, that's about it, gonna make the Swordsmen Letter system and make a font of it.

    Swordsmen Letters

    If you notice patterns then you are cool (people in chat don't count cause I told em)

    UPDATE: Ok, so, the font has been made, but unfortunately, due to things, it has to be downloaded in order for it to be seen. And since I can't give you all the download, no one can actually see it.

    So, down goes the project.

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    I'm almost out of the biggest amount of responsibilities ever that's got me so bogged down that I can't even roleplay! Yaaaay!

    So I guess I should provide a summary of everything that's been bogging me down, eh?

    Let's start with offline stuff:

    • Drama performances coming up this Wednesday! My group wrote this piece from the ground up over several months. This has been so stressful, but so rewarding. I wish you guys could see it.
    • Science fair after March break! I've been sort of puttering around with my project up until just recently, so now it's crunch time.
    • General schoolwork. Did you know that I'm taking all of the hardest level math and sciency things all at once? Yeahhhh...
    • Music. Though my music has been taking a backseat compared to the othe…
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  • Rakgnarok

    Fun little project.

    March 6, 2017 by Rakgnarok

    Hey everyone! 

    So, I've been talking to some friends lately and reading some comics they write in MS paint, kinda like homestuck, and I decided it'd be a fun project to try, so now I have started a little comic of my own, here's the link if you wanna check it out.

    The comic works by suggestions, meaning that the readers get to suggest what action the main or current character will take, hopefully you guys will find it entretaining!  :p

    Sorry Jaz, I know you probably cant read it because whitelist, I mean, if you could I bet you'd easily be able to make a comic 100 times better than mine considering you've got some mad MS paint skills and story writing skills.

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  • Toreadorfreddy

    MH music

    March 6, 2017 by Toreadorfreddy

    So, I've been a fan of the Monster Hunter series for some time now, and especially the themes that play when you fight the monsters themselves. As I doubt you all would be interested in the specific anatomy of each and every monster in the series, I'm just going to post the links to the themes I personally like the most as well as a short description of the monster it is attached to.


    This high-energy theme belongs to Zinogre, the Thunder Wolf. Zinogre is a very unpleasant monster to encounter because, despite it's impressive size, it is extremely agile. Seriously, Sparky here does backflips, mid-air rolls, and back slams, all while charging up with lightning. Once he is fully charged, enters a kind of super mode where all of his attac…

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  • Sp3ctr3EX

    Dark X Momo

    March 5, 2017 by Sp3ctr3EX

    The sun shined bright in the blue clear sky, not even a cloud was seen above, on the ground a person was training new moves with his sword, this person was Connor Harss, also known as Dark Harss, a young man with blue eyes and medium length black hair wearing a black trench coat with blue marks on each side and black pants, the current Death elemental.

    On the side, watching the Death elemental’s training were a blue wolf anthro, a dragon anthro, a girl with long white hair and a man with a faux hawk, they were respectively, Sylvan or Sub for short, Wisp, Momo, and Max.

    “You got to admit, nobody can use a sword like Dark can.” Max spoke to no one in particular.

    “True, although I am pretty sure I could beat him in a sparring session.” Sub said …

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  • Are You Freddy For Ready

    Someone has been writing a DS Fanfic about, well, DS, on AO3. It takes place in high school and is pretty good imo.

    So for the ones who don't know about it, check it out! The person writing it, who goes by PinkDevil, loves to know that we're reading it.

    Also, PinkDevil, if ya see this, you should like, totally comment here and make yourself known ;)

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  • TheMidnightBlade

    Yesterday, I woke up on time, put my favourite clothes on, smelled the warm air, and went to school.

    Everything went fine until English, 3rd period.

    Apparently, It wasn't only two homework assignments due. It was three.

    Detention? Detention.

    So I made a fool out of myself; I punched my computer screen. (why?)

    I was so mad, because I've been trying really hard to get my grades up. And I screwed up, she must have been telling us about the homework when I had headphones on.

    She ended up letting me off. No detention if I get it turned in. (Today)

    Oh great, now my head is throbbing. I can't even believe I got that mad. Then again, my head's been hurting recently due to stress and sleep deprivation, but today I woke without the burden, because of my go…

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  • Bed head zed

    Fading Away

    March 2, 2017 by Bed head zed

    I'm starting to lose a huge amount of interest in the RP and this wiki in general.

    Just posting this in case I decide to just drop off the face of the planet and never post again.

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  • TheMidnightBlade

    Today just feels great. I'm wearing my favourite jeans, socks, shirt, etc. You get it.

    It's 56°F outside at the moment. Why is this good?

    It feels amazing, that's why. Look, it's been in the, well, very cold range. (I live somewhere in the Northeast coast of the United States, It can get cold, although not Minnesota cold.)

    Also, it's March!

    Why is this great? Because February sucks!

    I mean, Valentine's day sucks, winter sucks, etc. sucks, you get it.

    But it ends on the midnight of the 28th day. Probably because the people who made February a month hate it so much that they couldn't bear 31 days of it.

    I also get out of school today at 10:30. I think that's great. Don't you?

    I am now pronouncing March 1st as gratefulness day.

    What do you guys have t…

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    I have a bunch of assignments and essays in this week and next week, so I may not be around as often.

    It's very stressful and I need to do it. Not like I'm motivated, but I have to.

    It's honestly to the point where I want to scream so loudly and long that I cough up blood. It's not fun at this point, and it's only more stressful from here.

    Well, that's it. Bye for now.

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  • TheMidnightBlade

    What do you prefer?

    February 28, 2017 by TheMidnightBlade

    Alright, so I'm thinking about art recently, and was thinking of the best program to use. I wanted to ask you all what you use!

    First of all:

    Thanks for participating,


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