Bounties in Darkening Stars work roughly the same as bounties in the real world do: A person gets a bounty on their head, a bounty hunter hunts them and brings them in, and the bounty hunter gets a monetary reward. Many different factions exist that give out bounties. Unlike Assassination Contracts, bounties are public domain.


A royal bounty is the most law-abiding work a bounty hunter can do. Bounties are set on the heads of criminals that a knight could not catch, and the bounty hunter catches them and brings them into any royal establishment (Eg. post office, jail, tax post) that accepts bounty heads for their reward. Typically, reward is doubled for bringing in the bounty alive.

Bounty Crime Reward Current Hunters
Dead Alive
The Masked Scoundrel arson, murder 30 Platinum 60 Platinum Xil Tigris, Oda Leaper
The Masked Scoundrel's Company arson, murder 20 Platinum per 40 Platinum per Xil Tigris, Oda Leaper

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