Mages are not a single unified group, but rather, a spread out group of talented individuals all across the world.


Mages are people who have the ability to tap into The Elemental Well, who are not elemental hosts. Mages, due to not having a direct link to a single element like the hosts, may have multiple abilities from multiple elements. They may also be concentrated to a single element's abilities. However, they are always naturally weaker than an elemental, and unless they have established some prior advantage, will always lose in a fight with one.

Known MagesEdit

The Coalition of MagesEdit

The Coalition of Mages is a sort of governmental body that holds no real power in the world. It is merely a group of mages who sets out "laws" for other mages, that most do not recognize. Perhaps later they will hold more power?

Seygahd MonksEdit

The Seygahd Monks have three master mages out of approximately 150 members. There are several among the ranks still learning under their head mage's wing. This group has the highest saturation of mages out of any group that is not The Coalition of Mages, due to their head mage being an expert at finding and recruiting new mages.

  • A Mystery+, Force+, Mind/ mage. Arguably the strongest mage currently alive.
  • A Fire+, Death- mage.
  • A Water/, Wind/ mage.

The SwordsmenEdit

The Swordsmen have four mages.


There are several independents out in the world.

  • A Time+, Fire- mage is encountered by the group on the way to Vile Root.
  • Hark is a Death+ mage.
  • Firaas is a Force+, Fire- mage.
  • A Mystery Mage who's name is unknown. Encountered by the Monks in Vile Root.

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