The Seygahd Monks were once a widespread organization in Seygahn. The order is now much smaller than it once was, (at roughly 6000 followers) but still has a healthy amount of around 250 loyal members.


The Seygahd Monks were founded by the first elemental of Force, Seygahd Crow. It wasn't until after her death that the organization was named after her by her son, Siboi Cross. Siboi was the one to strengthen the monks, lay out rules, and build up the community and values.

Beliefs and ValuesEdit

The monks believe in no gods, higher powers, or afterlife. Their only goal in life is to seek The Truth, a sacred idea that cannot be defiled in any way. If a monk defiles The Truth, they will be cast out of the group, or, depending on the severity of the crime, they will be killed.

Any lie, or partial truth is not taken lightly, and can have serious consequences. Because of these serious punishments, Any deception whatsoever is an incredibly rare occurance, so there is almost unbreakable trust within the group.

Daily on the noon hour, the monks will pray. They have only one 'prayer', as follows:

I seek The Truth to all around me.
I seek The Truth to the ends of time.
I seek The Truth to all around me.
Through The Truth, the world is mine.
I speak The Truth with nary a lie.
I speak The Truth for no foul deed.
I speak The Truth with nary a lie.
Through The Truth, I am freed.
I am The Truth as I am made.
I am The Truth from beginning to end.
I am The Truth as I am made.
Through The Truth, we are friends.

All monks are treated equally, regardless of age, sex, or species, with the obvious exception to this rule being that children will be nurtured until they are self sufficient.

Artifacts of InterestEdit

The monks have many ancient books and scrolls with information recorded on all subjects imaginable. Their libraries out-perform any others on the entire planet. Only true members of the order may enter these libraries, and examine the information.

However, a few artifacts are available for reading by outsiders of specific groups. The following are some of those accessible to the elementals:

  • The Tomb of The Frozen
    A tomb written by John Brown about the elementals of his time, focusing mostly on Agatha Pierce and Tina Brown.
  • Ability Scrolls
    Hundreds of scrolls detailing how all known abilities, limitations, tendencies, and abnormalities, all pertaining to elemental abilities.
  • The Journal of N----
    A journal of a Darkness Elemental in an unknown time where every instance of the author's name is burned, smudged, or otherwise unreadable.
  • Chosen for Revelation (Unedited)
    The unedited draft of Gabriel's book detailing his life.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Seygahd and Siboi founded and built the monks to their initial glory.
  • Inatra Gonique was the leader of the Seygahds when they reached their peak, and personal mentor to Dwight Crowcross' grandfather.
  • Dwight Crowcross was a member of the organization for the entirety of his life.
Current Members
NameAgesex and genderRolespeciesMage attributes
Lidia Corwin46Female, feminineOrganizerHalfbred raptor mix
Rsz Element Mystery Rsz Element Force Rsz Element Mind
Bruce Ynt48Male, masculineOrganizerHuman
Rsz Element Fire Rsz Element Death Rsz Element Blank
Jamey MiresOrganizer
Rsz Element Water Rsz Element Wind Rsz Element Blank
Galis ReedintyreAmbassadorHuman
Gamey ZinnHuman
Rsz Element Mind Rsz Element Blank Rsz Element Blank
Rsz Element Darkness Rsz Element Blank Rsz Element Blank
Rsz Element Light Rsz Element Blank Rsz Element Blank
Rsz Element Light Rsz Element Life Rsz Element Blank
Rsz Element Light Rsz Element Blank Rsz Element Blank
Rsz Element Light Rsz Element Blank Rsz Element Blank



The Seygahd Monks have had many elementals in their order in the past. Almost every force elemental has had some training from them, even if they did not take up the lifestyle.

The monks will welcome any elementals they meet and invite them to share any experiences and knowledge they have gained about the world from their unique viewpoint. They will provide a safe haven for any elemental seeking shelter, and defend them from any pursuers they may have. These offers of peace are retracted if the elemental defiles The Truth.

The SwordsmenEdit

The swordsmen have had multiple encounters with the Seygahds, most positive. Those that were negative are generally overlooked. The Seygahds and the Swordsmen share much of their knowledge with one another, and generally trust and appreciate each other.

Their first encounter was in CD 2812. The Swordsmen were chasing a rogue elemental at the time, and the elemental sought shelter with the Seygahds. Not yet knowing and trusting the Swordsmen, the monks granted safe haven to the elemental, and fought off the Swordsmen.

Eventually, the Swordsmen had to retreat and regroup. When they did, the Seygahds found out that the elemental they were harboring was a destructive soul, and had ruined a section of their library. They wasted no time in rounding the elemental up, and marching down to where the Swordsmen were sheltering, carrying a white flag along with them to signify peaceful intentions.

The monks issued a formal apology for their ignorance, and offered reparations, along with the elemental that the Swordsmen were hunting. After the incident, the two swore to trust each others' judgements, and to communicate with each other before making any rash decisions.

A much more recent encounter involved a Coalition Mage, detailed below.

The Coalition of MagesEdit

The Seygahd Monks currently have a very poor opinion of the Coalition due to two main factors: Their willful ignorance, and their carelessness. When the Coalition was two years old, the Seygahds allowed some of their leaders into one of their minor libraries to learn more about the elements. The Coalition members rejected the Seygahd's careful research, claiming that their own theories could not possible be wrong.

After much argument, one of the Coalition leaders ended up burning a section of the library through his lack of control over his element. The Seygahds chased them out of the library, and contacted their friends, the Swordsmen, to hunt the rogues while they repaired the damages.

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