The Coalition of Mages is a sort of governmental body that holds no real power in the world. It is merely a group of mages who sets out "laws" for other mages, that most do not recognize. Perhaps later they will hold more power?

Structure Edit

The Coalition has a very crude structure, with "master mages" commanding the "greater mages", and the "greater mages" commanding the "lesser mages". All mages respond to their "high mage" who decides what is to be done. The entire structure is riddled with incompetence.

Relations Edit

Seygahd Monks Edit

The Coalition of Mages has formed a relationship of severe mutual distrust with the Seygahd Monks.

Swordsmen Edit

Through relation to the Seygahd Monks, the Coalition also distrusts The Swordsmen.

Other Edit

They are ignorant to the elementals, and maintain neutral to negative relations with most law enforcers in various municipalities.

Beliefs Edit

Coalition Array

The Coalition has an incorrect view of how the elements work, set up in an array of six elements. In the coalitions eyes, if one has one item from an "element" they are a "lesser mage" of that "element". If they have two, they are a "greater mage", and if they have three, they are a "master mage".

Coalition Light


"Light Mages" have the following powers:

  • Bring and manipulate light and darkness
  • Solidify the darkness and the light
  • Hear the voices of "Good" or "Evil"
Coalition Earth


"Earth Mages" have the following powers:

  • Move and create rocks, dirt, crystals, lava and metal with only their mind
  • Listen to the earth to find minerals and metals
  • Make Earth Children (Golems)
Coalition Fire


"Fire Mages" have the following powers:

  • Create and throw fire, lightning, and plasma
  • Burn or electrify things with a touch
  • Protect themselves from burns
Coalition Spirit


"Spirit Mages" have the following powers:

  • Move the air and all objects in it, including their self and other people
  • Hear the whispers of the world's knowledge
  • Shape the flow of time
Coalition Life


"Life Mages" have the following powers:

  • Heal injuries and pain
  • Bring pain and death
  • Give life to the dead or never living
Coalition Water


"Water Mages" have the following powers:

  • Change all weather
  • Move the waters of the world
  • Breath under the water

Notable MembersEdit

  • June Alenger - A Lesser Spirit mage. She formed a quick friendship with Mira Taer after she and her brother met the elemental group.
  • Albert Alenger - Believes he is a water mage, but is not.
  • Quinn - A Lesser Life mage who aspires to learn as much as they can about their "element". They feel like they're much more advanced than The Coalition gives them credit for.

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