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“I’m sorry, but this is the only way it’s allowed to be.”
This section contains information only relevant before the reboot of the roleplay.
Giant Rocks!
“Your gift will find its next most rightful heir eventually.”
This character was killed by a giant rock that fell from the sky because their roleplayer left the roleplay.
Chira was the previous bearer of the Element of Mind.

Appearance Edit

Chira had whitish-pink hair and green eyes. Her height was 5'7. She wears random clothes at perspective events, much to her nature of shopping. She had always wore an emerald necklace, which had glowed every time Chira used her power.

Personality Edit

Chira was a very cheerful person, often smiling even for no reason. She had a huge liking for shopping, which is what she first had done when she had went to different places. She also had loved music, listening to songs of different genres or her own songs. She also had a huge level of curiosity, putting her Mind powers in useful uses or using it to annoy others. She had been very friendly and out-going.

Chira has a rule of being honest, easily telling other people what thought she read. Sometimes her rule of honesty had been used in ways of annoyance or information. She had hated spiders and other gross stuff. She loved singing, and often had preferred justice a lot.

Chira had loved to read romance novels, and had wished her life to be one.

Abilities Edit

  • Mind Reading - allowed Chira to read the minds of other people.
  • Telepathy - allowed Chira to project or deliver messages via mind. She used this to send information or to ruin, distract and mess up the minds of other beings.
  • Mind Control - allowed Chira to control one's mind.
  • Mind Block - allowed Chira to fill one's mind with thoughts.

History Edit

Chira told SFX --her companion-- what she was when she found and named him. She was a super star performer back in the normal world, much that she listens to her songs a lot.

Chira was crushed under a rock, ending her life.

Other Edit

  • She was able to communicate with companions.
  • She had been a love freak, and wanted her life to be like that of a romance novel.
  • Her first try of Mind Block and Telepathy were both failures.
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