Flying FoxEdit

Life expectancy of around 75 years.
Age of adulthood is 19.


  • Golden
    L. L. Adrear New
  • Black
  • Grey

Family StructureEdit

Flying Fox bats are known for their low population, and incest problem. The population is divided into families:

  • Adrear
    The Adrears are a proud family, and the hosts to the Element of Light for the entire time Light Elementals have existed. They have very good relations with the L████s, and the two families are known for breeding.
  • Aedi
    The Aedis are the calmest family. They are neither large nor powerful, but the family has never had a major crisis.
  • Dolan
    The Dolans are seen as a lower class family. They often work or live with bats of other varieties, and sometimes even other anthro types.
  • Gardiner
    The Gardiners are a reclusive family.
  • L████
    The L████s are the most ████████ █████ family in █████████, ███████, and ████. They have good relations with the Adrears, due to the ███████ █████████ having ███████ ██, and other past history.
  • Mathias
    The Mathiases are a violent family.
  • Mayes
    The Mayeses are the a very successful business family.

Fruit BatsEdit

Life expectancy of around 95 years.
Age of adulthood is 19.

Vesper BatsEdit

Life expectancy of around 100 years.
Age of adulthood is 19.

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