Christa Johnathon is the sister of Falaos Johnathon.

Appearance Edit

Christa has long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue and white dress.

Personality Edit


Christa is often quiet and reserved, even to people she trusts.


Christa is incredibly calm, and she can remain level-headed even in potentially deadly situations.


Christa can often be oblivious to other people's emotions, and she regularly has moments where she gets lost in her thoughts.


Christa can often make decisions without much of a thought, this is evident by her relationship with Max Crowcross, with her wanting to start a relationship with him despite hardly knowing him.


Christa has never been much of an adventurer, and she rarely ever leaves her hometown.

Skills Edit

Battle AxEdit

Christa has been training to fight with a battle ax since she was 8, and she continues to train in the present.

History Edit

Christa was born in Barkson.

Relationships Edit

Falaos Johnathon Edit

Love heart 4-4Love heart 4-4Love heart 4-4Love heart 4-4Love heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4

Christa cares about Falaos deeply, and she has missed him ever since he left Barkson.

Max Crowcross Edit

Love heart 1-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame

While Christa still likes Max, she only wants to be friends with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Christa's middle name was chosen in chat.
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