Now, put the coin on the table, what you have to do is get the coin to this area by sliding it across the table, the less times you slide it before getting it to that area, the more points you get!

Coin Golf is a competitive, two-player game invented by Fionn. The goal of the game is to get a coin into a circle on a table in as few flicks, rolls, or slides as possible while avoiding the obstacles in the way. It was first played at the inn in Vile Root.

Gameplay Edit

Materials Edit

In order to play coin golf, you need:

  • A table or other flat surface.
  • A coin.
  • A piece of thread or a stick of chalk.

How to Play Edit

  1. Place the thread on the table and make it into a circle. If using chalk, draw a circle on the table.
  2. Flick, roll, or slide the coin across the table until it reaches the circle. Do not throw the coin or push it into the circle.


  • Rak got this game idea from Fable.

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