Entherstian Currency

This currency is the primary currency across all of Entherstia, and is often the only viable currency in many towns, particularly in primarily human towns.

This currency is based on a coins system.

Copper Bronze Silver
Coin Copper Coin Bronze Coin Silver
$0.1 $1 $5
Lead Gold Platinum
Coin Lead Coin Gold Coin Platinum
$25 $50 $250

Locations this currency can be used in:

  • All Entherstian municipalities
  • Swordsmen Settlements

Dragon/Lizard Currency

Before the lizard clan died out, they invented a currency system that uses a special weave and dye to make ribbons. The dragon clan adopted the currency system, and continues to use it as a means to honor their now dead brother clan.

One $ is worth 56.4 times more than one ⸗, due to the limited use of the lizard currency.

White Yellow Teal Green
Lizard Ribbon White
Lizard Ribbon Yellow
Lizard Ribbon Teal
Lizard Ribbon Green
⸗1 ⸗10 ⸗100 ⸗1000
$0.02 $0.18 $1.77 $17.73
Blue Violet Red
Lizard Ribbon Blue
Lizard Ribbon Violet
Lizard Ribbon Red
⸗10,000 ⸗100,000 ⸗1,000,000
$177.30 $1773.05 $17,730.50

Locations this currency can be used in:

  • Vile Root

Feline Currency

Feline currency is based on a quality and cut system of spinel gems, mined nearby. The local mines only normally produce a Cyan to Purple range of spinel gemstones, and any outlying gems are made into jewellery, not used for currency.

Monetary gem cutters must be licensed. They must mark every gem they cut with the base value, cutter's licensing, and date. Otherwise, it is not legal tender. If a counterfeit gem is found, it will be seized by authorities, and given to a jeweler to turn into jewelery. the previous holder will not be compensated. If a cutter is found to falsely value gems, they will be imprisoned for a minimum of five years.

Color Cut
Shard (×0.01) Spearhead (×0.20) Single (×1.00) Globe (×20.00)
High Purple
Base value:
†50 ($160)
Spinel Shard Purple
Spinel Spearhead Purple
Spinel Single Purple
Spinel Globe Purple
†0.50 †10.00 †50.00 †1000.00
$1.6 $32.00 $160.00 $3200.00
Basic Blue
Base value:
†20 ($64)
Spinel Shard Blue
Spinel Spearhead Blue
Spinel Single Blue
Spinel Globe Blue
†0.20 †4.00 †20.00 †400.00
$0.64 $12.80 $64.00 $1280.00
Low Cyan
Base value:
†1 ($3.2)
Spinel Shard Cyan
Spinel Spearhead Cyan
Spinel Single Cyan
Spinel Globe Cyan
†0.01 †0.20 †1.00 †20.00
$0.032 $0.64 $3.20 $64.00
Locations this currency can be used in:
  • All primarily feline municipalities
  • Vile Root
  • Harknest