A dragon has two names, much like most other anthros. However, the stylization of the last name is much different than any other. For starters, the last name is referred to as a title. The title is a representation of what that dragon does, or what their ancestors have done. Children may choose to carry on the title of either of their parents when they reach the age of fifty.

A Title Ritual can be performed by a dragon twice in their life. The first time is when they come of age, and the second is if they wish to drastically change their line from the past. Most dragons will stick with the title they chose when they were fifty.


The two Title Ritual types have slightly different procedures, due to the different natures of the ritual.


First Title Rituals are simple. All that the child must do is proclaim to their mother, best friend, any female siblings, and at least five other witnesses their full name and title. For example: "I am Fi'Jra the Red Torch!" First Title Rituals are almost all done in the female mountainside since they are done before males take their flight to join the others.


Second Title Rituals require more planning and effort. The dragon must perform some act, change their appearance drastically, create something, or do something else that is vastly different from their family history, and must be able to prove it. They then must select a title that represents their feat, and proclaim it to their entire colony.


  • Over time, Familial titles can become corrupted or simplified during the first Title Rituals. This is regarded as normal. It is seen as the children simply putting their own style into a title, which is entirely harmless.
  • Ja'Lyn the Moonseer had the opportunity to retitle himself as the Wingless. He decided to keep that as an alias rather than his official title in order to honor his father's name.

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