Future Information
“Remember, I can see the future of anyone I please, including you.”
This page contains little-to-no information yet because it's about plans for the future of the roleplay.

Duncan Johnathon was a host of the Element of Fire.

Appearance Edit

Duncan was an anthro fox. He wore a white suit with black pants. He had blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Duncan was usually silent, and whenever he spoke he always did it with a calm tone. His method of teaching involves him just telling his students stories with the occasional tip about controlling their element.

Abilities Edit

Pyromancy Edit

Duncan keeps most of his knowledge of the fire element secret.

Skills Edit


History Edit

Duncan was Wallace Johnathon's second child. He had inherited Harmonia's book and became very intrigued by it. After his father's death He moved away from his hometown and eventually became a butler for a wealthy man in Wellington.

After his brother Micheal's death, Duncan inherited the element of fire. After he realized this, he quit his job in order to find something more productive for his abilities. And he eventually did.

Trivia Edit

  • Duncan's favorite drink is wine.

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