Firaas is a character in Darkening Stars.

She is an independent mage, and is a mercenary.

Her name means "Fury" in an unknown language.


Firaas is a cat anthro with white fur, and green eyes.

She wears a black long sleeve shirt, black combat pants, and matching boots.

In extreme cases, Firaas will use any armor she can find or buy.


Firaas is easy going and a good friend outside of combat, but very serious in combat.

She has good morals, as she won't take jobs she finds as morally corrupt, no matter the bid.

Abilities and GearEdit

Firaas uses a longsword in battle, along with a tomahawk for assassinations.

She also has powers from the Fire and Force Elements. From Fire, Firaas uses fireballs, and other projectiles. From Force, she can use sense, and is learning to use the other side of telekinesis, such as lifting people.

This makes her a Force +, and Fire - .

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