Four is a young villager that resides in the western village of Macaria, and now follows the elementals after getting troubled in their ship.

Appearance Edit

He is a pale boy with messy light blonde and light sapphire eyes. He wears a white shirt with a blue jacket. A white marking of the roman numeral 'IV' is patched behind the jacket, and he wears black pants and blue sneakers. He is tall, and is portrayed to be good-looking.

Personality Edit

Four is a very shy boy, often stuttering and trembling when nervous. He is easily scared and very timid, but he is very nice and kind-hearted to everyone he meets. He remains polite to everyone, and respects each of them.

Four believes in heroes, being the reason why he followed the elementals after seeing them fight the "bad guys" in Macaria. Four can also be dimwitted, often being a complete klutz.

He dreams of leaving Macaria and going to the city, but can't as he wants to take care of his family.

History Edit

Four is the fourth son of the Scott family. He lives with his grandmother, grandfather, and his four brothers. He and his brothers were taken care of by their grandparents, as their parents died from an accident-- possibly a shipwreck.

Despite being the second youngest, he is more responsible than his older brothers. This may be because he does not have a job yet. He wanders around Macaria, looking for a job to help his brothers and grandparents.

As he wanders, he encounters the elemental group who were fighting off the men who tried to kidnap Momo Tweedsley. He watches them from afar, then followed them to the ship.

Trivia Edit

  • Four is the only character in the series that Monster made that has a nice personality.
  • A TV commercial gave the idea to name him Four.
  • Four has not left Macaria while growing up, but he was born in the town of Hideston.

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