“Time’s told me all about it.”
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Gabriel is one of the host for the metal element. He managed to live longer than the average lifespan of a wolf thanks to the help of a life elemental and has done many things in his life-time.

Appearance Edit

Gabriel is a somewhat tall man wearing robes. He has red fur as well as Red eyes.

Personality Edit

He can be described as a narcissist sometimes and will most likely turn a conversation into a scenario where he talks about himself. Despite this, he is a good-willed person.

Abilities Edit

Gabriel has mastered almost every ability available to the metal element. He has activated the t4 metal sense and has a somewhat great understanding of his element. Most of the abilities he has learned aren't known by other metal elementals, Sean has told him to keep most of them a secret and only reveal them to the metal elemental that is destined to fight the unfrozen Darkness, these abilities are even more secretive due to the fact that Gabriel doesn't live in Entherstia and didn't have any children, therefore, keeping it more hidden from the world.

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