Future Information
“Remember, I can see the future of anyone I please, including you.”
This page contains little-to-no information yet because it's about plans for the future of the roleplay.

The book Harmonia Johnathon kept with her during her adventures. It details many of the things she came across. It has a total of 13 chapters, two of which are missing, and one of which was written by her nephew, Duncan Johnathon.

Chapter 1 Dawn Edit

'Dawn' focuses on Harmonia starting her journey.

Chapter 2 Era Edit

'Era' focuses on Harmonia traveling to many different towns around Serentia.

Chapter 3 Flames Edit

'Flames' focuses on Harmonia's Fire powers.

Chapter 4 Creator Edit

'Creator' focuses on Harmonia attempting to create fire beasts.

Chapter 5 Heat Edit

'Heat' focuses on Harmonia traveling to Chaimsland.

Chapter 6 Cult Edit

'Cult' focuses on Harmonia encountering a Cult of Berko hideout in Chaimsland.

Chapter 7 Garnasa Edit

'Garnasa' focuses on Harmonia meeting the Cult's leader.

Chapter 9 Forget Edit

'Forget' focuses on Harmonia trying to find her way out of an unknown location.

Chapter 10 Home Edit

'Home' focuses on Harmonia trying to find her way back to Serentia.

Chapter 11 Cold Edit

'Cold' focuses on Harmonia coming across Snowpoint.

Chapter 13 Nephew Edit

'Nephew' is a chapter written by Duncan, it details his experience with the Fire element.

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