“Time’s told me all about it.”
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Harmonia Johnathon was a fire elemental. She worked at a library for 30 years of her life.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Harmonia grew up in Pirn. She discovered her element very quickly, and trained with it whenever she had the time.

She helped her mother with a public library in Pirn, and eventually took over when her mother passed away.

Adventuring Edit

After a few years went by, she got bored of working at the library, she let her sister take care of it and went off to explore Entherstia. While adventuring she began to write a book about her element and her travels.

She believed that violence was never the answer, and would only fight if she had no other options. And she would only use her element as a distraction, never using it to light people on fire. Her main weapon was a rapier.

Death Edit

Harmonia passed away from old age, but before she died, she gave a fire related gift to both of her siblings, her brother, Wallace, received her book.

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