Location Edit

Hideston is a small town on the border of Hideston Forest. There's a river that runs through it, and a waterfall a couple kilometers from its edge.

Residents Edit

There is a large criminal element that most of the residents seem to simply ignore.

Some notable residents are:

Industry and Commercialism Edit

There are many shops in Hideston, including a tailor's a blacksmith's, and two large inns. (One of which was burned to the ground.) There are several bars and pubs scattered around.

Some notable buildings are:

The Tailor'sEdit

The Blacksmith'sEdit

Cinder's InnEdit

The group of Elementals stayed in this inn for a while, before they managed to burn it down. They then moved to Skyline Inn.

The owner of Skyline Inn was trying to put this inn out of business for years, before the Elementals burned it down.

Skyline InnEdit

After the Elementals managed to burn down Cinder's Inn, they moved here.

Events Edit

While in this town, the heroes of Darkening Stars...

  • Burned Cinder's Inn to the ground
  • Burned a quarter of Hideston Forest down
  • Started several bar fights
  • Fought a riot (killing several rioters)
  • Killed several thugs and gang members
  • Returned the stolen items to the people