Hyperion Urixis Malloway is a seventeen-year-old Fire-, Metal- mage and traveler of the world.

Appearance Edit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Blake is a human male who stands at 5'4". He is very slim, as he rarely stops on his travels. He has striking gold eyes and brown hair, and he has strange markings on the left side of his face, the origin of such markings not even Blake knows of.

Weapon DescriptionEdit

Blake wields a broadsword of his own custom design (in real life, a German broadsword). The sword itself has a steel blade and the handle is loosely wrapped in leather. It is rather clean but chipped in some places, indicating some extensive use and/or damage. Along the blade, there are inscriptions in Owl that Blake carved in himself that spell out "Remember the vow of the outcast" in order to remind him of his past and his promise to keep the Owl society a secret.

Personality Edit

Pessimistic Edit

Blake has a very negative outlook on life. He has never quite grasped the concept of optimism to any extent. Nonetheless, the pessimism he gives off can be a motivator to him, but usually it is a deterrent, both to Blake himself and others.

Introverted Edit

Blake hadn't known much of humanity throughout his childhood except for scattered conversations about humans by the owls he lived with. Because of this, when he turned 15 years old and was cast into humanity, he had no idea how to interact with any species except owl anthros for quite a while. Despite traveling throughout the world, he still has trouble conversing with many people.

Secretive Edit

Blake isn't keen on letting people know about him. He is very solitary and keeps to himself. Many people whom he has met throughout his travels can say without a shred of uncertainty that Blake is extremely unwilling to reveal any information about himself besides incredibly basic things such as his name and age. His owl society is another key factor. When he was cast out of the only society he'd ever known, he swore never to reveal anything about his upbringing, fearing that one day other humans may expose and destroy the owls' community.

Humble Edit

Blake has never been too prideful of himself. Any victories he wins are either disregarded by him or are passed off as "no big deal." He will, on occasion, pass the credit on to someone else, since he sees no need for himself to be in the spotlight.

Anxious Edit

Blake is constantly worrying. His pessimism means that he expects the worst, which oftentimes leads to Blake worrying about what's going to happen next after he does something. Many use mental problems as a scapegoat for his anxiety, but Blake constantly denies that to be true.

Backstory Edit

The warm, placid night of September 21 was broken by a scream followed by a small, resonating cry which echoed through the forest. The whole camp was gathered there, peering over to see the newest addition to their community. It was rather small, eyes closed, unmoving. A wave of panic spread through the crowd, but they rejoiced upon seeing the newborn's eyes open. His eyes opened slowly and steadily, without a twitch. The eyes were a beautiful, almost magical gold, a blessing according to the group's religion. Soon, night fell. All slept peacefully. Except for the newborn.

The baby woke up in a large tree, surrounded by straw and owl pellets. A group of three large owls surrounded the baby. The baby reached out its hand slowly and placed it's hand on the center owl's beak. The owl drew it's head back with a look of surprise and intrigue. Suddenly, a larger, more elder-looking owl drew near to the boy, staring at it, unmoving. The boy did the same thing he had done before. He reached out his hand and touched the elder's beak. The elder did not draw back. The owl's eyes widened intensely.

The boy grew quickly and was named Hyperion Urixis Malloway, taking after the elder's late father. He learned basic survival skills and weapon skills through the knowledge of the owls, as well as chronicling his life as it continued.

Soon enough, he reached the age of 15, the adulthood of an owl. After much debate among owls, it was decided that Hyperion would be cast out into the human world under a new name. After research done regarding humans, he was given the name Blake Wells in order to coexist with humans. After a final goodbye, he was cast out into the neighboring town. He found no way of living until he found a job as a weaponsmith. He trained for months under an old, sprightly man until his sudden death. Mourning him, he decided to travel the world and continue his teacher's knowledge. 2 years later, he is still traveling. He has become more confident in his abilities and has discovered that he is a mage, of sorts. While still inexperienced, he uses this mage ability to assist him in weapon making.

Relationships Edit

Species Edit

Humans Edit

Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame
Dislike heart 1-4Dislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frame

Blake hasn't really had much trouble with humans since he left his owl home. He has come into negative contact with quite a few, including a mage hunting group that stalked him for many days. Despite this, Blake still regards most humans as kind and friendly people.

Anthros Edit

Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame

Blake is very fond of anthros, especially since he was raised by anthro owls himself. All anthros he has encountered in the past were very friendly, helpful, or trustworthy. He hasn't known a single one -- whether they may be in nature or in urban and rural areas -- that has given him a negative vibe. Blake is usually slightly more friendly, positive and open to them since he knows them far better than he does humans.

Individuals Edit

Jack Edit

Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 2-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame

While Blake did get startled by his approach, he realized quickly that Jack meant no harm and was trying to introduce himself. They had a quick friendly exchange, and Blake now thinks of Jack as a decent, well-mannered person.

Firaas Edit

Friend heart 3-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame

Much like Jack, Blake got off on the wrong foot with Firaas but quickly mended the situation. Blake doesn't think of Firaas as unfriendly, though he doesn't know anything about her beyond the simple wave she gave him.

Xil Edit

Dislike heart 2-4Dislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frame

Xil is probably one of the first negative anthros he's met in his travels. While not knowing much about Xil, he's seen how cocky, overconfident, and prideful he is, and Blake absolutely hates it. Some may call it ignorance on Blake's part, but to Blake, Xil's arrogance is fairly outspoken and obvious.

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