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Ja'Lyn the Moonseer, otherwise known as 'The Wingless', was Hrr'Ta the Moon Seer's son. He was a host for the Energy Element after his father passed away.

Ja'Lyn's scales were a slightly green tinted white, and his eyes were a tri-tone golden brown. All of his bones and skin were black due to a genetic mutation that he was the only one to have in all of Draconic history. He had his wings surgically removed during his training with his element because of an accident that paralyzed them.

He made a name for himself even before he inherited his powers by serving as an ambassador to the human king of Entherstia. His professional training, along with natural talent made him a very charismatic individual.

In terms of Elemental ability, Ja'Lyn was never a very skilled Lightning Elemental, but that was mostly due to the circumstances of his inheritance of the abilities. He was, however, able to call lightning with ease, and with enough concentration could make and throw plasma.

Ja'Lyn died in a fight with a Soul Elemental, who drained him of his energy, then threw him off a cliff. Having no wings, Ja'Lyn could not recover, and died upon impact with the rocky ground. His rare black bones were collected by the Seygahd Monks for study soon after his death. Some hundreds of years later, the bones were stolen from the library they were being held in. Because they nor the thief were ever found, the monks suspect that a Void Elemental may have been involved.

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