Giant Rocks!
“Your gift will find its next most rightful heir eventually.”
This character was killed by a giant rock that fell from the sky because their roleplayer left the roleplay.
Jamie Harss is the former controller of Death in Darkening Stars. She's also was the cousin of the deceased Ryan.

Appearance Edit

She has grey-blue eyes, light blue hair, a white dress with a white little bow with it, and has a grey heart necklace on.

Personality Edit

She is really nice and caring, but when it comes to when she's mad, she's tempered and will do harm if it takes. She is also courageous and fearless.

Abilities Edit

Weakening Edit

When she's tempered, she will most likely use this, She will grab or clutch you as hard as she can, draining your strength and energy, making you weak.

Entrapping a soul Edit

She rarely uses this. She can grab your soul and take it out of your body, trapping it.

Strengths Edit

Even if she has the element of death, she can know who is her enemy and who's not, and she is agile. She appears to only know how to use certain types of weaponry.

Weaknesses Edit

Although she has her strengths, she has weaknesses. She isn't good with swords, similar to Ryan, although. And she is still learning her powers.

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