“Time’s told me all about it.”
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June Alenger is a member of The Coalition of Mages, and is designated as a Lesser Spirit mage. She is in actuality a Major Mystery mage. Her brother Al is also a member of the Coalition, but is not actually a mage, despite his beliefs.

June met the elemental group on their way to Vile Root when she and her brother were hunting down a rogue Fire and Time mage to try to assimilate him into the Coalition. June Became very curious about the group when she heard them talking about the elements with such great knowledge. She took Mira away from the rest of the group in order to question her, and the two ended up becoming fast friends.

June is considering cutting her ties to the Coalition, as being one of them only causes her problems, and she now knows that they are very wrong in their assumptions about the elements. However, she feels tied down due to her very ecstatic brother.

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