Kard Harss was once the Elemental of Death until he was killed by an assassin hired by Galos Harss, who wanted the Death Elemental's power for himself.

Appearance Edit




Weapons Edit

Despite being a pacifist, Kard carries a knife called the Ace of Spades, although he doesn't use it in combat, and is just for show. He also uses a wand for his Magic Shows. His wand has a small Hark feather on it, signifying his triumph over the Hark.

Abilities and SkillsEdit


Kard doesn't know all the powers, but the ones he does know about he has mastered.

Enslave SoulEdit

Kard uses this power for his magic shows, making the audience believe that he is controlling an animal through magic.

Kill a Lesser BeingEdit

Kard uses this power to then kill the animal, making the audience believe that he killed the animal through magic.

Skills Edit


Kard is good at doing Magic Tricks. He uses this skill to bring joy to others.

Trivia Edit

  • Kard is supposed to allude to Card Tricks.
  • His birthday, June 30th, is the date the first Harry Potter book was released.
    • This alludes to him being a magician, and AYFFR could only think of the release of Harry Potter relating to that.
  • The Ace of Spades is also the name of a Handcannon from Destiny.
  • Kard has monochromacy, meaning he is unable to see any color, seeing the world in black and white.
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