Future Information
“Remember, I can see the future of anyone I please, including you.”
This page contains little-to-no information yet because it's about plans for the future of the roleplay.

L. L. Adrear is an anthropomorphic bat, and the current host of the Element of Light.


Adrear is a 6'5" brown anthro bat. They have golden hair and wing skin, and dark brown eyes.

They wear knee-high leather boots, red leggings, and a beige top.


Adrear is a rather laid-back fellow. They are content with life, no matter how it turns out, but will always seek a thrill if possible. If there is an opportunity to flirt with someone, Adrear will without a doubt take it. More often than not, these attempts at romance fail.


Adrear has shown that they can cast an aura of light around them. They have not shown any other powers yet in the roleplay.


Adrear's family was the only one of the original elemental families to not agree to hide their powers from the world. As such, Adrear can prove to be a most invaluable resource to the group in terms of knowledge of the elements maximum capacities, history, and how to use them.

So far, they have only mentioned their father, and have only done so by the pronoun "he".


  • In Part XV Adrear's name was typoed as Arear. This prompted several laughs about the toilet humor in OOC comments.
  • Their roleplayer will occasionally use "he" or "she" just to throw people off.


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