Macaria is Momo, Yumo, Red and Adré's hometown, thus the four being childhood friends.

It is rumored to be a mystical town because of the beliefs that the town has and it had secret mystical past. The town is rather distant to other towns. Macaria is the place where many stars are seen at night, and shooting stars aren't rare. It is also noticed that cherry blossom trees grow there in any season.

Beliefs Edit

  • Tying a ribbon on a tree means that the person who tied it there is wishing for hope for the people who live in that place.
  • Tying a ribbon on someone or something is a symbol for them not to get lost.
  • A shooting star means that blessings will come to the place.

Trivia Edit

  • Momo's star-highlighted eyes has a deeper meaning to Macaria.
  • Macaria is named after a Greek Mythology warrior.
  • It was decided that Macaria is like Japan, but the Darkening Stars way.

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