Theeeeee one and only.

—Talking about himself

Max has the element of Force, and can use it pretty effectively. He still trains to get better at it, so he can pick up a lot of heavy things.

Max used to be a Man of Honor in the mob, however, he left. If he were to join back, he would be considered a Speaker.


Well, SOMEONE looks ready!

—To an enemy, preparing to strike

Max is a medium build, 5'11 male. He has a faux hawk, no beard, and gets a bluish glow around his hands when he uses his force.

If he is excited or mad enough, this blue glow will have hints of red in it, and extend to the full arms, and eyes. In extreme cases, the glow will turn full red, and sometimes even turn full violet, although the violet glow is only triggered when he snaps.

His usual outfit is a tan hoodie, dark grey shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers. The sneakers resemble Converse.

His second outfit is a black trenchcoat, with a lime green color on the inside. He also wears a grey sweater, and keeps a black half face mask on hand. He wears his usual jeans, but now has grey boots.

His (in the future) third outfit is more simple and discreet, wearing a black suit, red shirt, and keeping the face mask.


You know, I think I'm just generally not a nice person. Maybe. I dunno.

—Max to Alexis

​Max' s personality isn't quite known, as it is quite the enigma. However, some things are true:

He gets violent easy.

Depending on the person,  Max either shows full respect, or none at all.

Mental pain, such as mistreatment by family or ex lover, doesn't seem to affect him much.

Self loathing might be possible.


I'd say I can kick some ass.

—Answering a question about skills


You can't hide foreverrrrrrr~

—Taunting an enemy

Max' s sense allows him to help a friend getting attacked, know where places are, and more. This extends to about a mile away from Max.


I can bench press YOU.

—Flaunting his telekinesis

Max has telekinesis, and can lift some heavy objects. He can lift things which are about 600 pounds, but has difficulty lifting anything heavier.

He has a side ability in this, where he lifts a huge amount of small objects, and throws them all at once. He calls this "Rain of The Betrayed".

Max can also trigger his glow that he gets when he uses his Telekinesis.


Ranged WeaponsEdit

Boom. Down.

—Talking to himself after hunting a deer with a rifle

Max has a bit of knowledge when it comes to using ranged weapons. His favorite is a rifle, but has used a bow and arrow setup as well.

Hallucinogen ToleranceEdit

I'm seeing... not that much, actually.

—After taking a hallucinogen

Most hallucinogens have a reduced effect on Max, mostly because of his hardened state. Fear toxin, however, gives a full effect, and while William is in control, hallucinogens have almost double the effect when Max takes control of himself.


Mission failed... We'll get 'em next time. Also, sorry.

—Apologizing for a failed objective

Melee WeaponsEdit

See, thing is, I don't liiiike this sword.

—About Soul Taker

Ironically, given his element, Max doesn't like melee weapons. He will usually scrap them or sell them off.



—While wounded

Due to his attitude in combat, Max can be seen as cocky, and can sometimes be depressed and in combat, which makes him either too dangerous, or a liability.​​

Overprotective SenseEdit

She's my sister, and she's NOT gonna be dating you.

—Talking to a rebellious bad man

Max is pretty overprotective, concerning the people he cares about a lot.

Split PersonalitiesEdit


—William, in control of Max

Max' s other personality is hard to control, and some times cannot tell friend from target. This can lead to a misunderstanding. The other personality also drains his personal energy quickly.


Take the sword. I prefer the bow anyway.

—Distributing weapons

Max has had, so far, three weapons, other than himself.

  • Hawkeye

Hawkeye is a sniper rifle, passed down from Max' s father to Max.

It is currently unknown where Hawkeye is located.

It is made out of dark, spotted metal, and beautiful dark wood.

  • Wrath' s Reach

Wrath' s Reach belonged to a hunter, before Max killed the man in self defense.

The bow is in possession by Max, and is his personal weapon.

The bow is made of dark wood, and has an engraving of a bull running into fire. Max has made etchings on the bow, including anoutline of the engraving, and a tribute to his love for Christa.

  • Soultaker

Soultaker is a long sword that was purchased by Max.

It is used by Max when he doesn't have any other choice, and also is used by William.

The sword has much of a normal look to it, with a steel blade, and a wooden grip. It was made for a swordsman with patience.

Don't ask about my past. Seriously, don't.

—To another Elemental

Max used to live in Wintersberg; a smallish town. The town got attacked a lot, so a PMC force tried to protect the town. Unfortunately, that same PMC went insane, and lined people up on a wall. His father, his mother, everyone Max ever knew was shot. Eventually, after watching this happen, Max ran for the hills. Now, he seeks to live, and protect those he knows, at the same time.

Max, at one point in his life, joined the mob in an unidentified city, after wandering around and going to random places. He left when he was 25, and went back to wandering.

Friends, foes, lovers... and a miserable wee bitch inbetween.

—Talking about various people he's met

Max takes his relationships very seriously, going as far to defend them until he dies, if he likes the person enough.


Sylvan HectusEdit

Sub and I get along.

—About Sylvan

Max is fine with Sylvan, and they get along.

Falaos JohnathonEdit

Falaos and I are like metaphorical brothers. I'd give my life for him.

—About Falaos

Max is best friends with Falaos, and shares a common hatred towards the Cult of Berko.

Charles HaydenEdit

Charles is weird. But, he's useful. So that's always nice.

—About Charles

Max is also best friends with Charles.

Liam "One-Eye" JordanEdit

Liam's a brute, in a good way. I'd stay out of his way, if I were the enemy.

—About Liam

Max isn't intimidated by Liam, and respects Liam as a helpful ally.

Dark HarssEdit

Dark's helpful.

—About Dark

Max considers himself and Dark friends.

Christa JohnathonEdit

Our relationship may be over, unfortunately, but we can still be friends.

—About Christa

Max is still on good terms with Christa, in his eyes.

Hugh BrownEdit

To be honest, he's one of my favorites out of the group.

—About Hugh

Max likes Hugh, and trusts him.

Mira TaerEdit

Heh, what's to say? She's good, for a mystery.

—About Mira

Max has gotten to know Mira a bit, and thinks she's OK.

Alicia HarssEdit

Pretty okay, I guess.

—Diddles telling you to hold on while he comes up with a quote

Max respects Alicia.


Alexis CrowcrossEdit

I'd give my life for her.

—About Alexis

Max and Alexis get along very well.

Dwight CrowcrossEdit

He's useful as an instructor.

—About Dwight

Dwight and Max get along well.



Hmm? Funny name.

—About Garethet

Max doesn't remember Garethet.


Some person, some time ago.

—About Cricket

Max thinks of Cricket as a regular person, not friend, nor enemy.


Dumbarse. *chuckle*

—About Solus

Solus wanted revenge for Max killing some of Solus' friends, although this revenge could not be satisfied.


He's gonna die.

—About Tango

Max hates Tango with a passion.


Big, strong. All I know about him.

—About Flint

Max is acquaintances with Flint.



—About Felix

Max doesn't remember Felix, either.

"William" (?)Edit

Unfortunately, I don't know about him all that well.

—About William

Max has less hatred for "William".


  • Max used to be in the mob, which explains his sometimes violent actions.
  • Max has a similar attitude in battle to Sans, and has said references, prompting an inside joke with Max' s face posted onto Sans' battle sprite.
  • Max' s favorite color is blue, and his favorite thing to do is to make terrible jokes with his friends.
  • Both of Max' s weapons, Hawkeye, and his bow, were based off weapons in video games, Hawkeye being based off of a sniper rifle in Borderlands 2, and his bow being based off the Recurve Bow in Tomb Raider (2013).
  • Max and Christa have gotten into two scenarios where they kept poking each other, making a joke about "booping."
  • Max' s second outfit is based on Aiden Pearce from Watch_Dogs. (Yes, I know, it was a terrible game, blah blah blah.)


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