This page contains all minor characters in DS that are worth mentioning, but do not have enough content to their name to be housed on their own page. They are arranged by group and then alphabetically by first name or title.

Boatest BoatmanEdit

A human who transports various things across the Aeboran sea.

Roleplayed by Bed head zed.

James SeatonEdit

A horse anthro who was Falaos Johnathon's childhood friend.

Roleplayed by Bed head zed.

Sir JohnEdit

Sir John is a knight that lives in Hideston. He has three daughters.


  • This character is played by TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade, and has been introduced into the roleplay during Part XII.
  • It is still unsure of what kind of relation the knight had with L. L. Adrear a certain time prior to the start of the roleplay.
  • Sir John has played a major role of kicking most the Elementals out of Hideston, making the roleplayers move on with the plot.
    • The reasons Sir John gave in order for the group to leave were that they had been causing too much trouble already, mostly during the events that caused Hideston Forest to be partially burnt down, along with the slaughter of bandits in the town outskirts.

Kayla FreudEdit

Kayla Freud is a resident of Fael, and the pawnbroker of the town. She is currently 40 years old, and is single with no children.


  • This character is played by Golden Forge, but hasn't been introduced into the roleplay yet.
  • Kayla is the main cause of Fionn's escape, having rallied the townspeople to send him on his way to find his parents. She really disagrees with the concept of slavery in general.
  • Kayla has been a love interest to Lorcán Ruarc over the years, despite her thoughts on slavery. He's sent her flowers with Fionn too, which is extremely ironic.

Edward WhitleyEdit

A fox anthro who is the owner of Whitley's Pub, has ties with the Harknest Mafia, and is in charge of Harknest's Blackmarket. The Organization of the Swordsmen knows of his criminal ties but allow him to continue to operate as long as he supplies them information about the major criminal dealings going around in Harknest.

Kaleigh NatterbrawnEdit

Kaleigh Natterbrawn

Kaleigh Natterbrawn is a business school student in Tailos during the winter and a farmer the rest of the time. She lives with her father during the non winter months and lives on campus during the winter. She is generally awkward, finding it hard to keep conversation with another person due to basically living on a farm most her life and not acquiring much social skill.


  • Kaleigh dreams of opening a shop in Tailos, which is why she goes to business school.
  • Kaleigh is a lesbian.

Buck JohnathonEdit

Buck Johnathon is Falaos Johnathon's father.

Clare JohnathonEdit

Clare Johnathon is Falaos and Christa's sister.

Roleplayed by Bed head zed.

Jacob CrowcrossEdit

Jacob Crowcross is Max's father.

He kept a diary, but it is unknown how many pages he made before he died.

Melody JohnathonEdit

Melody was the sister of Ashley Johnathon. She also dated Zachary Gaeron for a while. Her relationship with Zachary spawned a rivalry between her brother and him.

Samantha StrideEdit

A cat anthro in the Cult of Berko who hunted Falaos Johnathon after he left Barkson.

Roleplayed by Bed head zed.

Charles GalenEdit

Charles Galen

Charles Galen is an Elite in the Swordsmen and the Harss Family's butler. He was chosen by Connor Harss I to be his Elite.


  • Charles isn't a very good fighter, and was only chosen to be an Elite due to his friendship with Connor.

Ivan HarssEdit

The Harss Siblings (Black, White, and Grey)

A Younger Ivan (Left)

Ivan Harss was the Death Elemental before Razor Harss, the father of Alicia Harss, and the uncle of Dark Harss. He was killed by an assassin hired by Hark.

Jura AndersonEdit

Jura Anderson

Jura is a sixteen-year-old girl who is a Major under Melanie Virna in the Swordsmen. She is also a childhood friend of Dark Harss and the sister of Natalie Anderson.


  • Jura joined the Swordsmen at age fourteen, making her one of the youngest people to have ever joined (the youngest being Zoe Acker, having joined at age twelve).


Rylarth is a twenty-nine-year-old feline anthro who is an Elite in the Swordsmen.

Albert AlengerEdit

Albert Alenger, commonly referred to as Al, is a member of The Coalition of Mages. He believes himself to be a water mage, but actually has no ties to the elements whatsoever. His sister, however, who is also a member of the Coalition, is in fact a mage.

Al has encountered the elementals only once so far, when he was hunting a rogue Fire and Time mage to try to get him to join the coalition.

Charles HaydenEdit

Charles Hayden is a past mobster.

He is Max's friend, and used to be a therapist, knowing how to get Max out of the state of his nightmares.

Charles is said to be on friendly terms with a previous leader of the mob, named Niklas "Ice Wolf", who is currently in the northern part of Enthersia. Niklas' exact location, however, is unknown.

Sub and Jen Locket

Jennifer SallymoreEdit

Jennifer is a female anthro wolf, that appears to be in a relationship with Sub.

Swordsman ImpersonatorEdit

A Mystery Mage who stole a book from the Monk's library. Is currently on the Swordsmen's watch list.

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