Simple Times

Simple Times

Mira Taer is a seventeen year old anthropomorphic cat, and the current host for the Element of Mystery.

Description Edit

Mira has grey tabby fur, black hair, and yellow eyes. She stands at 4'10", and is strong for her size due to her work on her farm in past.

Her clothing changes after teleportation to suit her needs, usually a light jacket over simple jeans and a tank top. She wears a golden ring on her left ring finger that ties her to her element.

Mira comes off as rude, selfish, and difficult to get along with. Despite this, she is incredibly trustworthy, truthful, and softhearted, especially towards those who remind her of the past.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Abilities Edit

As The element of mystery, Mira is able to harness those powers. So far, she can:

  • Teleport herself using her ring.
  • Tap into knowledge beyond her own on a small scale.

Skills Edit

  • Farming
    • Mira has lived and worked on farms for the majority of her life. It stands to reason that she's picked up skills in that area.
  • Cooking
    • Mira's entire family line has always been good cooks. She can easily whip up something delicious to eat out of almost any available ingredients.
  • Scavenging
    • She has a fine scavenging sense to find just the right things to add to meals she cooks, or certain herbs needed for medicine, if she's told what to find.

History Edit

Mira was born and raised in the small northern village, Chalice.

Her parents left each other when she was eight, and her mother re-married, giving her three parental figures instead of two. She spent the next four years of her life bouncing back and forth between their two houses until she finally decided to stay with her biological father at the age of twelve.

Two years later, due to being a feline anthro, she was legally old enough to move out on her own, so she did. She moved to Prince and settled in the large country home of her dying uncle, Murk Taer. She cared for him for three months before he passed, and left her all of his possessions. The house she inherited from him was a home passed down for several generations, and had once been lived in by Fern Anchor.

Relationships Edit


Love heart 4-4Love heart 3-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 1-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame


—Responding to Trace

She has become friends with Hugh, and may have romantic interest in him. He is also her current (and foreseen) ring bearer.


Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 4-4Friend heart 3-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame
Dislike heart 1-4Dislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frameDislike heart frame

Hey! Put him down! You have no right to grab our kind and toss us around however you please!

—Yelling at Dark over Midnight

She has a begrudging friendship with Dark. The two got off on the wrong foot at first over a disagreement on pets, but got over it after a while.


Love heart 1-4Friend heart 3-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame

Ayfy- Is it alright if I call you that?

—Giving Aodhfionn a nickname

She only recently met Aodhfionn, but feels an attachment to him because he reminds her of someone in her past. As such, she intends to protect the wolf as best as she can.


Love heart 3-4Heart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frameHeart frame

He is a damn fine specimen.

—Being blunt about her feelings.

Mira is very attracted to Xil. She hopes that his harsher side will subside, since that's her only turn-off from him. She has no idea about his true intentions.



Gavin and Mira had a positive littermate relationship, but fell out of contact when the two of them each chose a different aunt/uncle to live with.


Mira was a Ring Bearer for her grandfather for a few years before he died of a heart attack. She kept The Ring as a memento, not knowing that it would later be crucial to her abilities.



  • Mira is allergic to pineapples

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