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Named Golems are incredibly powerful golems created by elementals. They are more permanent than generic golems. Each Named Golem reflects the personality of the summoner. Previously summoned named golems can be summoned again by new elementals using the ancient language, but they're harder to summon.

List of known Named Golems Edit

Earth Edit

Alexander Edit

Alexander is Liam's Named Golem, first summoned when Liam broke a siege the Cult of Berko were commanding. Liam created the golem out of a wrecked watchtower and as such Alexander possesses traits that resemble those of a castle, such as the texture of it's surface resembling brickwork.

Fafnir Edit

Fafnir is Liam's other Named Golem. Up until recently, he hasn't had access to it, and has yet to use it in it's current state.

Ragnarok Edit

Ragnarok is a Named Golem created by Helga Order. Helga imbued the Golem with sentience with the help of Life's heir. Ragnarok currently lies dormant disguised as a mountain near Stoneyard.

Metal Edit

Neon Edit

Neon is a titanium golem made by Gabriel. Gabriel used his powers to change the temperature to 500°c, making it glow in an orange-ish colour.

Damona Edit

Damona is a wingless dragon made by Gabriel. Although, originally, it was a simple lifeless golem, Gabriel made a deal with a mind elemental and a life elemental, in exchange for his help, they would bring Damona to life.

Fire Edit

Almond Edit

Almond is a small fox golem made of everlasting fire created by Ashley Johnathon and Tina Brown. Although Almond is smaller than almost every other golem created, it's stronger than most, and is much more independent than other golems, due to being made completely autonomous with the help of Katie Wolffe and Ivan Angora, along with its ability to live literally forever, given it is not killed. It was named by Katie.

Ymir Edit

Ymir was a large bear golem made of everlasting fire created by Philip.

Darkness Edit

Sneisviir Edit

Sneisviir was a golem unlike any other. It was constantly changing form, and was most easily described as a dark, tendril covered mass. Agatha Pierce used it as her main weapon while fighting the original elementals. It was slayed just before she was sealed away for three thousand years.

Ursanos Edit

Ursanos is a bear-like darkness golem. It is about twice the size of any normal bear, and about four times as ferocious. Its terrifying screeches are akin to that of a lion mixed with a pterodactyl. It is the cause for the giant rocks that pick off the elementals. It has the power of life imbued in it, and has been living without its master for the three thousand years she was sealed away.