Natalie is a member of the Elite Four in The Swordsmen, is a Fire+ and Mind/ mage and the sister of Jura Anderson.


Natalie is a white female with blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a grey double-breasted coat with black dress pants and dress shoes along with orange Hunter Marks. She also wears black gloves that are charmed to resist fire, allowing her to hold her flames without her hand burning.


Natalie is the smarter of the Swordsmen's Elite Four, knowing a lot about the Elements. Unlike Zoe Acker, who only studied Time and Life profusely, only studying the others the required amount, Natalie studied all the Elements profusely. Because of this, she is the squad's tactician, giving her squadmates orders on how to take on a Mage/Elemental. At times she can be a bit of a know-it-all, being so since she knows though most of her group. Usually, this will be commented on by Zoe, who will jokingly kick her back down to her level.


The Creation and Utilization of FireEdit

Natalie has the ability to create fire of any heat, allowing her to warm herself by creating a flame if need be or to use offensively as a projectile to be thrown at someone in the form of a fireball.


Natalie is able to project a message into others minds, talking to them without the need of a voice. She mainly uses this to give her comrades orders as well as for them to give her information.

Mind ReadingEdit

Natalie has the ability to read the mind of people, allowing her to see their thoughts and learn things that the person whose mind is being read doesn't want people to know. After a while of reading people's minds, she will start to get a severe headache, needing to rest.


  • Natalie wears flame resistant gloves so as to not burn her hands when throwing fire balls.
  • Before she was an Elite, she led her own Squad in the Swordsmen consisting of her, Thalia Spencer, and Zoe Acker. They were the first all mages squad in the Swordsmen, as usually mages were spread out into different squads.
  • Because of her ability to read others minds, she is almost always put on gate duty when stationed in Harknest.
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