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Ryan, having lost his animal companion right under his eyes, went to the inn like Falaos and Sub did earlier. While they rest, Sub and Falaos start dreaming and learning new power tricks from their passed family. Nick would reach the inn as well, exhausted from the event that happened at the waterfall.

Mira and Hugh, now reunited in the bookstore, would look for a way out, as well as a reason why they were blocked here, making very odd discoveries...

While wandering in town, Liam makes the... delicious acquaintance of Adrear while Max spends his time in another bar, asking questions about his hometown, then wandering around Hideston.
After leaving Liam, Adrear now knew where he would be able to find more Elementals, and headed to the inn. He crossed Sub's way, and had a similar talk to the one the bat had with the Earth Elemental. They quickly moved on to separated ways, and most of the Elemental's group met up near the park again.

The only ones still wandering would be Hugh and Mira, that Liam would also be looking after, and Starlet, who was groggily waking up near the docks after her assisted escape from Hideston's prison.