“Time’s told me all about it.”
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Mira finally meets Falaos again, but the two are soon joined by Dark, who immediately keeps the conversation going about Elementals. Max, apparently struggling with his mind and body, appears in sight. Dark accidentally lets appear that Falaos' sister, Christa had been kidnapped. This results in making the fox anthro very angry for a moment.

Sylvan, who had been struggling even more than Max at the time, leaves the inn and wanders downtown.

Momo Tweedsley, her brother and Liam are in Macaria's hospital with the twins' parents. While the siblings are looking around the building, the other three chat about the trip from Hideston to Macaria, and Momo's parents learn about their daughter's Elemental powers.

Hugh, Sub and Emerald are drawn to the market place where the other three had gathered before. Max explains his problems to Mira, Dark and Hugh and thinks about getting Momo's help to get rid of his split personalities. Meanwhile, Sub and Emerald stand aside, and the Life's bearer attempts to heal Sub.
Dark decides to leave the place and go shopping for swords, tailed by Falaos, who ends up wandering alone. Eventually, the fox steps in the middle of a citizen's argument with a hunter. A small team of Elementals gathers at the same place and decides to go hunt a Basilisk, that lives on an island in the Aeboran Sea.