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While a few Elementals were still wandering in town in search for Starlet, -and more precisely while Liam's golem was wrecking the prison the dragoness was supposed to be kept in-, Chira, Mira, Sub and Hugh all met in a nearby area of the town. Hugh and Mira, who had just gone out of the tailor shop, got teased and called a couple by the two other Elementals. This made them both pretty angry and flustered at such a thought, and the group separated shortly again.

In one of the alleyways of that same area, Chira met a tiger who would become her pet and companion, despite the beast's size.
Hugh, Sub and Falaos met up at the same place a few minutes later, wondering why and how they would leave Hideston. Hugh was against that idea, since he knew there was something sinister about the visions he saw through his watch, and about the old lady who brought the storm over the town. He wanted to investigate on it.

The rabbit entered a Blacksmith's shop, and so did Sub and Falaos. The two canine's curiosity caused the owner of the shop to reveal himself to be an impatient, and superstitious man. He threw the anthros out of his shop, and Liam threatened him.
Liam finally revealed himself to the other Elementals as the Earth Element bearer.

In the meantime, Mira, who had ran away from Chira and Sub's teasing, found herself in an odd shop...

Max and Ryan also met other animal beasts who looked friendly to them, respectively an owl and a wolf. Ryan called the wolf Lance and would consider him as a companion now as well. The Death Elemental made the beast meet with Sub and the other members of the group.