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Lance, Ryan's newly found companion wolf, met with Falaos and Sub, then the four separate again to look for all the other elementals, and gather in the park.
Ryan and Lance wander through town while Sub and Falaos sneak into the prison where Starlet is supposed to be, without taking advantage of Liam's golem who had broken one of its aisles. There, Falaos meets with his own companion, Vulcan.

The three elementals manage to escape by drilling their way out, bringing the dragon out of her dungeon. Then they simply leave her be with one of Sub's metal golem, and head to the park where Liam and Chira had already gathered.

In the meanwhile, Hugh has wandered a little further away, still searching for the old lady he had briefly seen, but also worrying about Mira. He stepped into a decrepit bookstore, only to be trapped in.

Shortly after, Sub and Falaos wander off the park to do various things:
The wolf went on the roofs near the blacksmith's shop, experimenting on making his own chromium matter, but fails. He decides to ask for the man's chromium, but the blacksmith offers him to teach how to make real metal and swords, out of natural matter instead of thin air.
Falaos came back to the inn and started having dreams, before waking up and paying a visit to the blacksmith. There, he finds the Metal Elemental forging his own sword. Shortly after, the two exit the shop, Sub having stolen the formula to make Chromium.