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After a quite brutal arrival in Hideston, Jamie decides to explore a little and rest herself in a bar. One-Eye and Momo, still at the park start getting hungry as well, and wander off. So does Rezel, who kind of followed them back to the inn.

The building Mira and Hugh were trapped in collapses on itself right after the two Elementals escaped it, unfortunately losing the occasion to know the secrets it may have held.

Meanwhile, Falaos, Max and Sub still wander around Wintersberg, then soon would move on to Barkson, up North, on one of Sub's golems. On their way, they come across the small village called Canitown, where they will fight people again.

Hugh then moves to the park, mysteriously alone. He comes across One-Eye and Momo, and then Mira reappears in sight, before the rabbit anthro and the Earth Elemental would start to talk. Rezel and Jamie found themselves in the same place as well, and all would gather to talk.