“Time’s told me all about it.”
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In this part, we find Solus (who followed Alexis), Dark and Max gathered in one place. A battle will take place, with the assassin being the loser. Christa being a witness to the fight, she came towards them to help Max, and meet Dark for the first time. They came back to camp after that.
Sean Hectus and his heir, Sylvan, kept training while the wolf was sleeping. The metal Elemental learns how to summon golems.
In the meanwhile again, Momo Tweedsley, Yumo, and Adré kept talking about their past, teasing each other about these times they spent in Macaria. But the friendly talk soon takes a bitter turn, and Adré threatens Momo with his javelin. Red interrupts it right after Adré wounds Momo's throat, and another battle starts, yet soon perturbed by Liam's presence and help.