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As now every Elemental is in the Stoneyard's camp, Max, Lexi, Rezel and Mira start having dreams and nightmares about their past and ancestors. Thankfully these are rather short, and let the Elementals to a more peaceful awakening.

The sweet scent of food wraps around the camp, and Jitx calls everyone to eat the soup he prepared. Most gather around the fire while the others discuss a little further away.

In the meanwhile, the new Death Elemental and Companion, Dark and Midnight, start their adventure in an inn, back in Barkson. They travel without much events, and reach Stoneyard. They have a rest there and leave again, wandering through Hideston forest to meet Arrow, and encounter the Elementals.

Dark isn't welcoming at all, insulting Jitx, fighting with him, and attempting to pickpocket Liam a little later, resulting in a few tensions between the new Death Elemental and the group.