Pollux was the original wind elemental and the twin of Castor.

History Edit

Pollux, a pit fighter, was born and raised in what would become Ironberg. He, along with his brother, was a pit fighter to pay off a massive debt his family owed. Together, their favored styles of combat meant that they were nearly unbeatable, with Castor wielding a sword and a very large shield to provide a distraction while Pollux harassed their opponents with a spear. During their last fight though, their opponents pulled a dirty move and speared Castor. Pollux, in that moment, was visited by the spirit of Wind, who offered him its power so he could save his twin. Pollux, who was desperate to save Castor, agreed to the spirit's conditions and became the first elemental of wind, even as Castor received the power of Earth. After their fight, they traveled together for a while to learn more about their powers. After a few months of traveling, they began to fear that, should their bloodlines mix in the future, an elemental would be born with both their powers. So, they separated, with Pollux disappearing to parts unknown. He eventually settled down and one of his children married into the Thorzin family, bringing the element of wind to that family.

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