Quinn is a "Lesser Life Mage" aligned with The Coalition of Mages, in actuality a Life+ Death/ mage. They aspire to learn as much as they can about their "element". They feel like they're much more advanced than The Coalition gives them credit for.

Personality and History Edit

Quinn is an ambitious people-pleaser, but are also greatly swayed by their own noble moral code to the point where they will act behind others' backs without qualm. They are easily moved to emotion, be it positive or negative, making them both excitable and prone to low moods. They're fond of children and eager to aid any person their abilities can benefit, no matter what the Coalition might have to say about the matter.

Because they are so eager to please, they were conscripted into the Coalition by no true will of their own. This causes them to frequently act out against the Coalition in subtle ways that cannot be proven, such as healing the occasional Swordsman. Their combined Life/Death abilities allow them to hide any physical evidence of doing this, and their happy-go-lucky attitude and skill at lying for the greater good conceals any other tells they might have.

Quinn is also very curious and wishes they could quiz other mages, particularly the Seygahd Monks, to learn more about their abilities. However, as they know the Coalition is not well-liked in outside circles, they have refrained so far to avoid ruffling any feathers.

Abilities Edit

Physical Edit

Quinn is an athletic person, and is strong and fast as a result of their half-zebra biology and frequent exercise.

Mage Edit

Life Edit

  • (-) Heal any non-fatal injury
  • (/) Cure some diseases
  • (+) Recreate limbs

Death Edit

  • (/) Temporarily "kill" the pain of their allies

According to the Coalition Edit

  • Heal injuries and pain
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