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Raole is the current host for the Wind Element.

Appearance Edit

Raole has amber eyes, pale skin and brown hair with several streaks of yellow of average length sticking out downwards pointing spikes all around his head. His outfit consists of a black unbottoned uniform with a yellow shirt underneath, copper colored jeans and a black glove on his right hand, though ocasionally he is also seen wearing a two-part black cape with copper colored stripes.

Personality Edit

Raole often appears as a good-natured and friendly person to others even towards his enemies, he is very reliable to the ones he cares about and has no problem in making friends, same also goes for making enemies, however during battle he can act sly and ruthless when it comes to facing a strong opponent specially since he carries a self-righteous demeanor aiming to crush any enemy with a fervor in his fights, going as far as to kill them, Raole was taught that in this world its kill or be killed and that made his heart completely hardened, making him more aggressive with little to no compromise.

History Edit

Not much is known about Raole’s backstory at this point in time, but rumors say that he was chosen because of the potential that was seen in him and trained at a young age to join a mysterious group known as the Black Legion who serves and worships Darkness as their true savior.

Relationships Edit

Max Crowcross Edit

Raole and Max have met at some point in the past and have been friends ever since, just recently they have crossed paths again and Raole is more than happy about it although for completely different reasons.

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