Rebecca was once the Death Elemental before her untimely demise to her friend Daniel. She was the founder of The Swordsmen. She has written two books in her life, one on Elementals and Mages, which has been updated over the years, and one on Sword fighting.


Rebecca was known for being very noble. She felt that it was her fault her sensei had fallen and made it her mission to help those in need. She was never a ruthless leader, believing the Swordsmen could just be a collection of warriors under one name that band together to take out large threats. She was a bit of a loner, usually traveling alone or with her lover, Xan.

Appearance Edit

Rebecca Harss is a tall female with long black hair. Her eyes were originally blue, but due to how long she had her powers, the color eventually turned a permanent red. She has a scar that goes over her left eye due to being slashed there at a young age. The slash blinded her left eye, making the pupil white. She wears a red leather shirt over a black undershirt and a skirt with thigh high boots and a gauntlet on her left arm. She also has a piece of leather belted around her right hip resembling a shield. The leather has a symbol etched into it. She carries a quiver, bow, two swords, one being the Equinox, and a knife on her back


Rebecca has unlocked all of the Death Elemental powers but can only use Kill Pain and Weakening effectively. This is because she was mostly a hunter of other elementals, and those two powers were the most effective against human or anthro targets.

Skills Edit


She is a master swordsman, training since she was very young, and chooses to pass these teachings on to Dark, along with the powers of Death. She is regarded as one of if not the best sword user in Entherstia's history. Over her long life, she has learned multiple sword styles but prefers to use her own style, which combines elements from many others.


She is a natural born leader, able to lead the Swordsmen through their beginning years.


Rebecca is very accurate with her bow shots, able to hit most of her targets. She isn't nearly as skilled with a bow as she is with a sword, but she can still hold her own with just a bow.


Reaction TimeEdit

Rebecca's reaction time is remarkably fast. She is able to dodge and block many attacks with relative ease and swiftness. Dark also has this strength, though not as sharpened as hers because of his young age and little training to sharpen it.


Rebecca's speed allows her to get many attacks in on an opponent and able to get out of the way of a counterattack if necessary.


Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Without her sword, she is garbage. This led to her downfall when she fought against Daniel.


Like Dark, she is unable to take a lot of hits.

People SkillsEdit

She doesn't have very good people skills and is mostly cold toward others.

Depth PerceptionEdit

Because of being blind in one eye, Rebecca doesn't have the best depth perception. Though this hasn't stopped her.


Rebecca carries multiple weapons with her, although she prefers to use her custom Chokutō.


The Equinox is a Chokutō sword made from Meteorite Iron, giving it a black coloration.

Swordsmen Katana Edit

Rebecca carries a Swordsmen standard katana with her as a sorta secondary weapon to her Chokutō. She mostly uses it for dual wielding or if she has been disarmed of the Equinox.

Swordsmen BowEdit

Rebecca carries a Swordsmen standard longbow with her to take out targets from afar. Rebecca can also get a shot off in the middle of a sword fight if the longbow is in hand during it.

Swordsmen KnifeEdit

Finally, Rebecca carries a Swordsmen standard knife on her at all times. She will use this as a last resort if she has been disarmed of all her weapons (which never happens) or throw at her opponent.


  • The name of her sword, the Equinox, is named after the two days of the year where night and day are the same lengths. Her birthday falls under one of these days.
  • Because of her scar, the markings signifying rank on a Swordsman's mask is under the left eye.
  • Rebecca is ambidextrous. She prefers to use her left hand but may switch hands in battle to throw off her opponent
  • Rebecca's Swordsmen mask is a unique. Instead of having a dash under the left eye like most leaders do, she has a scar like line going through the left eye of the mask.
    • This mask is nicknamed the Founder's Mask.

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