Giant Rocks!
“Your gift will find its next most rightful heir eventually.”
This character was killed by a giant rock that fell from the sky because their roleplayer left the roleplay.
Rezel is the previous bearer of the element of Wind.

Appearance Edit

Rezel was a Human Male that has blonde hair and green eyes, usually wearing a white jacket or hoodie of sorts, along with normal jeans and shoes.

Personality Edit

Rezel was a usually kind person that HATED to see pointless conflict coughcough, sub. He preferred to stay serious in most situations and only stoped to have a joke or two if there wasn't an important conflict at hand. He felt mixed about the elemental user group.

Abilities Edit

Rezel was the bearer of the element of wind, and only unlocked his powers during the encounters at the forest with the other users, so he wasnt very good at it.

Wind Control Edit

Rezel could control the flow of wind, sometimes by mistake whenever he got mad, sad, or any intensive emotions aside from happy ones. He controlled it with the movements of his body or concentration.

Gas Control Edit

As a controller of wind, Rezel could also control gas, but he didn't fully know this power as much as his wind powers.

History Edit

Might be enlightened on later when one is made.

All that will be revealed as of current is that Rezel's mother was a tailor, and he was practicing it as well.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a relationship theory that Rezel and Momo are childhood friends, that started due to the detail that Rezel and his mother were a tailor.
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