Giant Rocks!
“Your gift will find its next most rightful heir eventually.”
This character was killed by a giant rock that fell from the sky because their roleplayer left the roleplay.

Ryan Harss was the controller of Death in Darkening Stars, and is now dead. Jamie Harss (his cousin) took his place.


He has Roxas like hair (From KH 2.5 Final Mix), wears a scythe necklace, a black shirt, camo pants, a Dauntless bracelet (No Fire x Death, or I will kill you.) and black shoes. He's also 6'1 for a height.


Hes nice at times, Fearless and can stand up for something, hes smart at times, also courageous and adventurous. If you mess with him, OH BOY... you just don't... don't mess with Ryan.

Abilities Edit

Weakening Edit

If he grips you tighly or hardly, He will drain your strength, making you weak.

Killing a lesser being (Not Known Power) Edit

He can kill anything small like a rat or something else quickly.

Trapping a soul (Not Known Power) Edit

He can remove and enslave someones soul, trapping it.


He is good at knowing if someone is his enemy or its just either Sub, Falaos, or Chira. He's pretty fast too.


Oh boy, this ain't good. As much as he loves Scythes, he CANNOT wield Swords. He'd swing 'em around,good enough to kill you...maybe. Hes kinda weak at times. And even if he knows how to use his powers to weaken people, HE'S STILL LEARNING.


As he woke up in this new world, he met Sub and Chira... only to be as quiet as hell. As they left,he ran to follow them. Once he got to the town, he went to the bar, got a drink, and started a Bar Fight. Before he went to the bar, Two men had ambushed Ryan and he killed them with his powers. After the building burned down ("Thank you, Sub!"), He went to the better Inn and stayed there. Then, theres the Golem thing. He got knocked out, with his leg broken. Then, he met Mira. And after that... Can't remember... sorry.

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