Soul Enslavement is an ability that Death Elementals and Major Death Mages are able to access.

A properly enslaved human soul can live under the will of their master for up to fifty years.

Process Edit

Soul Enslavement has three stages.

Familiarization Edit

In order to successfully and stably enslave a soul, the bearer of Death must attain a knowledge of how that particular soul works. Depending on the size of the being and the complexity of the soul, this can take anywhere from one hour to three years.

Too much familiarization, though rare, can result in bonded souls.

Incomplete or improper familiarization can result in failed enslavement, dead enslavement or unstable enslavement.

No familiarization can result in failed enslavement, dead enslavement or escaped souls.

Removal Edit

Removal of the soul must be done very carefully. Parts of the soul are to be left with the person to keep their body and mind alive, but their free will must be separated. How much soul is left to the body and how much is enslaved is up to the user, but it is a deadly balancing act.

Removing too much of the soul can result in unstable enslavement or escaped souls.

Removing too little of the soul can result in failed enslavement, dead enslavement, or unstable enslavement.

Melding Edit

The actual enslavement of a soul requires the user to meld the captured part of their target's soul with their own. This can be very dangerous for both parties.

Incomplete melding can result in dead enslavement, unstable enslavement, escaped souls, or bonded escaped souls.

Improper melding can result in bonded souls, unstable enslavement, reverse enslavement, escaped souls, or bonded escaped souls.

No melding will result in escaped souls.

Problems Edit

Failed Enslavement Edit

The user fails to enslave the soul at all.

The failed attempt may have some negative effects on either party. These can include lightheadedness, headache, heart pain, rash, bloody nose, and temporary or permanent loss of senses.

Dead Enslavement Edit

The user will drain the strength of their target, but will have no control over them.

The effects of this drain of strength can include: lethargy, nausea, heart pain, coughing up blood, and temporary or permanent loss of senses.

Unstable Enslavement Edit

The user has control over their slave, but it drains their strength anyway.

Escaped Souls Edit

The user fails to capture the soul, and their target dies due to their soul being completely or mostly extracted, and not being able to return to the body.

Bonded Escaped Souls Edit

The two souls involved become bonded, but both escape, resulting in both parties dying.

Bonded Souls Edit

Unlike proper melding, bonded souls share control over both bodies. While not inherently dangerous to either party, the shared control can lead one and thus both into insanity. If mixed with an unstable enslavement though, this can lead to the death of both.

Reverse Enslavement Edit

In rare instances, the Death Elemental may enslave themself to the will of their target.

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