Stoneyard was founded by Helga Order a few years after Agatha Pierce was sealed away.

History Edit

Before the town's founding, Helga had broken her promise not to use her powers once already, supercharging her sword with earth energy to the point where the blade became like crystal.

She founded and lead Stoneyard for many years until a nearby city demanded a tribute of the strange blue stone being mined at the nearby quarry. Helga refused and the city sent an army to invade the village. Helga was forced by the circumstances to break her promise again and summoned a named golem, Ragnarok. This golem smashed the opposing army to pieces. Helga, after the battle, disguised Ragnarok as a mountain near the battlesite. She continued leading the village until, nearing the end of her life and knowing Ragnarok would fade away upon her death, she broke her promise one final time. She extracted the immense amount of power in her sword and formed it into a statuette of her family crest, a snake and a raven locked in combat. This statuette she, alongside Life's child, implanted inside Ragnarok to keep the golem running after she died. They rigged the statuette so that it would draw power from the earth surrounding Ragnarok, ensuring that Ragnarok would not fade.

Current state Edit

In the current events of the RP, Stoneyard, despite being too small to be considered a full city, is as wealthy as one. This wealth comes from the earth, the valuable blue stone being the major export of the town. Stoneyard's mine also often turns up veins of other precious minerals, including gemstones and metals ranging from iron to silver and gold. This mineral wealth is why Helga chose to found the town where she did and to leave Ragnarok behind as a guardian.

Recently, it was attacked by bandits who wanted control of the mine. Liam, Vorec, and Desverus Jordan, the Jordan Family Guard, Jitx, and Vorec's Stoneyard Militia defeated them at the mine, with help from Alexander.

After the battle, Vorec was stabbed by a stray bandit and was healed by Emerald's Life powers, which was the first time they expressed themselves in their new host.

Immediately after that, a band of mercenaries hired by Ironberg merchants were sent to Stoneyard for its mine. This triggered Ragnarok to attack and utterly defeat them.

Trivia Edit